How to build a strong relationship with a woman from Russia


A lot of foreigners wish to find Russian girls for dating, but most of them believe that these women are difficult to understand. However, this isn’t true. In fact, every relationship between a man and a woman is accompanied by misunderstandings and strong emotions. These emotions are probably stronger than anything a person has experienced before, which can push men away.

How to build a strong relationship with a woman from Russia

Best cities to meet young Russian girls

I hope that you have already found a great Russian dating site, and know how to use it well. I bet that you have already talked to at least five or ten girls there, and they all were from different cities. This is not surprising at all! Because Russia is a huge country, and it is very hard to get to some parts of it. We are going to provide you with a small list of cities that are the best places for searching for a woman in Russia. You and your future girlfriend will easily manage to get there if one day, you finally will decide to meet each other.

St. Petersburg

Russian people believe that this city is their cultural capital. This is not only a very big and old city but also is a great place to search for pretty Russian women. There are many universities there, so young Russian girls from all over the country tend to go there to get an education. St. Petersburg also has a big airport and many places of interest. The best option for your first date there is to take a romantic walk on its streets and your evening in a warm cafe or restaurant.


This great Russian city is located right in the middle of the northern part of Eurasia. This is a very big city with many places of interest for tourists and various hotels where you will find a cheap hotel room. Yekaterinburg is a very fast developing city. In recent years it has become a local center of culture and technologies. Altogether this is a perfect place if you want to meet a girl from central Russia.


Moscow is, probably, the most well-known city in Russia. This is the capital of Russia and the biggest city in the country. In Russia, people say that their nation is divided into those who live in Moscow, and those who live in every other part of their country because those who live in Moscow are very different from people in other cities. If you search for a Russian girl who will have real European manners, then this beautiful city is the best place for Russian women dating.


If you don’t like cold and rainy weather, but enjoy the warm climate and hot southern girls, then on Russian dating sites search for girls from there. This city is not overcrowded as the other three on our list, but you won’t have a shortage of girls there. It is better to go there in summer because this city is mostly oriented for summer vacations. Thus, you will have more options on where to invite your girlfriend for your first date.

Tips on how to attract Russian ladies

Now, when you are locked and loaded with information about the best Russian cities where you should seraph for girlfriends, the time has come to learn how to attract them. You can imagine how huge the competition there, and if you don’t want to be attractive only to gold-diggers, then you must take certain steps and follow our pieces of advice to be successful in Russian girls dating websites and on real dates with Russian women.

1. Work on your style

Some say that if a girl truly loves you, then she won’t really care about your appearance. Lies! All of it! Remember, a girl will never pay any attention to you if she doesn’t like how you are looking. Even if somehow you will manage to get her attention, it will be the first thing she will ask you to change in yourself. Why relying on hope and luck? It is way better to work on your style before going to Russia.

2. Stay fit

It is very hard to attract a girl’s attention if you are obese or just look ill. It is just enough to visit your local gym for two days every week, and you will not only look better but also will feel stronger. This also greatly benefits your self-confidence, which makes you more attractive to girls.

3. Work on your account

No matter what dating site you use, it is important to create a good profile. Pay attention to your bio, and try to apply some humor when writing short stories about yourself there, and don’t forget about your photos! Remember, no selfies, no photos with covered face, and no photos on which you are not alone.

You are dating a Russian girl. The relationships are only developing. You’re doing well. But it’s important to understand that things will not always remain the same. Many couples don’t know how to keep the relationship strong and begin to gradually ruin it after some time, not to mention that Russian women can’t be treated like their counterparts from other countries. Keeping the relationships from falling apart and strengthening them requires effort from both a man and woman. Here are seven rules that will tell you how to build a strong relationship with your Russian girlfriend.

  • 1) Always remain friends to each other

It said that that the relationships, built on a strong friendship, are the most stable. The best way to prepare Russian girls for dating you is to become their best friend. Always treat your loved with the same kindness, respect, and appreciation, as if she’s your best and closest friend. Listen to her; sometimes spice the relationships with jokes. Try to avoid roughness and stiffness.

  • 2) Stay in touch with your partner

You need to spend enough time with each other. For instance, you can make it a rule to spend a whole day together. Go out on a date. Try to spend at least 15 minutes talking to each other every day. This way you will show your Russian girlfriend that you want her to be a part of your life.

  • 3) Don’t focus on sex only

Those men, who picked Russian women for dating, know that for these girls, sex doesn’t play the big role. They prefer building emotional connections with their partners first. Russian girls love communicating and try to understand the personality of their boyfriends. Respect and love always come first for them, and if you cherish these values too, you’re already on the right path towards building strong relationships. To win a Russian woman’s heart, you have to open yours to her first. For them, sex is not the priority.

  • 4) Don’t forget about compliments

Keep saying gentle and kind words to her. It will be pleasant for both of you. In the relationships with a Russian girl, compliments should become a habit, because any expression of your love in words will only get you closer to each other. Compliments express how you how much you love and value your partner.

  • 5) Learn to find a compromise solution in any situation

The sooner all misunderstandings between you disappear the better. You only need about ten minutes resolve the dispute. Try to find the solution that will suit both you and your loved one as soon as possible.

  • 6) Develop your ability to communicate

As mentioned above, Russian women love communicating. Sometimes it may seem that you have nothing to discuss with your girlfriend. In this case, why not visit courses or seminars that will help you discover new talents and interests. Thus you’ll find something new to discuss with each other, which will only strengthen your relationships.

  • 7) Don’t forget about yourself, don’t lose yourself

For every couple, it’s important to balance all their needs, whether they are personal or common. There are no perfect couples; want to know how to keep your relationship strong? Have your own hobbies, preferences, and desires. It’s very important to give each other some leeway. Especially it concerns Russian women for dating. It's ok to have different tastes and interests.

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I’ve studied the tips provided on how to attract Russian women, and it looks like the main thing a man should do is to be a normal guy who wants to have serious relationships.
16.07.2020 14:49

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