How to kiss your boyfriend to make him crazy


How to kiss my boyfriend to make him crazy? Kissing is an important part of physical and emotional contact between a man and a woman. It can be light and last only a moment, or it can be long and passionate. It is a kiss, whether bold, sensual, exciting, or innocent, that shows the feelings and emotions you have for your loved one. But what a woman likes may be unpleasant for a man.

With the help of kisses, women try to evaluate their potential partners and strengthen their emotional connection with them. As for the representatives of the stronger sex, kissing is a way for them to increase the sexual arousal of their partner. There are 4 types of kisses for him.

  • Kiss with light sucking on the lips. Usually, women use it in the process of flirting with a guy. You gently kiss your partner, lightly pulling his lip. It is not surprising that this is the kiss that men like. It is the most interesting and hints at an exciting sequel. Such a kiss can be alternated with a gentle licking of the lips. This option, of course, is not for everyone, but it is unlikely that it will cause a negative reaction from the partner.

  • Kissing during sex. The best way to kiss my boyfriend is during sex. Both men and women love to kiss during intimacy because it helps partners experience an unforgettable experience.

  • Kiss with tongue. This version of kissing your boyfriend can literally excite the blood of men. Most of the stronger sex prefer the French kiss. In such caresses, they like, first of all, the sensation of the taste of a woman's saliva. This noticeably stimulates a man's sexual desire. Kissing with the tongue is comparable to sex in terms of emotionality and intimacy. At such moments, the eyes of the partners are closed, and the bodies are closely pressed to each other. There is magic, connection, and a special sacrament in the French kiss, which feels incomparable even with intimacy.

  • Regular kiss. Here you do not need fantasy; this is an ordinary smack at any time of the day and in any place. Thanks to such kisses, a man will be able to constantly enjoy the aroma of his hair and body. Give your beloved a variety of kisses, affectionate and gentle, charming and exciting. It is simply not possible to choose any one type, as they harmoniously complement each other. Do not be afraid to experiment, and only practice and time will help you figure out which kisses your man likes the most.

How to kiss your boyfriend romantically?

If you're planning on having this amazing romantic experience of kissing my boyfriend, you'll need to do some groundwork. A little preparation is needed in order to give your boyfriend that unforgettable kiss. It's not just about learning how to kiss your boyfriend romantically; you also need to take other things into account.

  • Keep your lips in the right tone. Before the kiss, you need to prepare. It's not about learning kissing techniques that guys love; it's about getting your lips to kiss. Nobody likes kissing chapped lips. So, it's all about looking seductive and sensual.

  • It's all about preparation. Kissing lips are essential for a great kiss. Use lip balms and glosses not only on the day when you are expecting a kiss but also in everyday life. This will make your lips smooth, supple, and luscious.

  • You should kiss in a secluded place to give crazy kissing. Proximity is a personal matter for everyone. Therefore, you should look for a comfortable place. Avoid restaurants, playgrounds, and other crowded places. Although you may not have planned it, if you happen to be in a public place, look for a place where no one can see you. So kissing in public is not only offensive to some viewers but also uncomfortable for you. Viewers may interrupt the moment or even throw in funny comments that will embarrass both of you. The best place to kiss a guy is a secluded place where no one will bother you.

  • Make sure you have fresh breath. Whether it's your first, second or thirtieth time, you should always think about your breath. Make sure you have some breath lozenges on hand. Also, avoid any spicy flavors like ginger, garlic, or onions. Nothing will make you more confident than fresh and sweet breath. It would be so unpleasant if your future boyfriend avoided you because of bad breath. Be sure to brush your teeth properly.

  • It is best to sit while kissing. The best position for a romantic kiss, especially if you're about to kiss, is when you're sitting in a relaxed position rather than standing up. Standing can weaken your knees if intimacy lasts long or can be uncomfortable if you have a significant height difference. However, don't despair of kissing standing up if that seems more romantic to you.

  • Let your expressions speak. When you kiss a guy, you don't need to talk. Start by getting closer to him. This will let him know that you are comfortable with him. It can also be a subtle way to turn him on. However, do not rush, but wait until everything happens by itself. It is imperative that both of you have the same pace. It would be very embarrassing if you tried to kiss him when he was not interested.

  • Pay attention to body language. When talking to him, don't focus on his eyes. Focus on the movements of his lips. A good way to create a hint is to intentionally look at his mouth and then look directly into his eyes. Once he understands what you want, his body language and facial expressions will let you know if he wants to kiss you too.

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Kissing techniques to drive him crazy

As a rule, kisses first touch the lips. All other parts are secondary and auxiliary in relation to the lips. Thus, the main organ of a kiss is the lips. Whether it is lips meeting another set of lips or other parts of the body, the lips must be involved. So let's see what to avoid on the lips when kissing.

  • Don't wear the wrong shade of lipstick.

  • Never decorate your teeth with lipstick.

  • Don't make your lips too dark.

  • Avoid bright sequins.

  • Never apply lipstick beyond the lips.

  • Don't use a dark lip liner with light lipstick.

How to give him the best kiss ever?

It would be unwise to go deep into the kiss without remembering some things. To get the most out of a kiss and not be disappointed, you should know the following:

  • If this is the first time, this may be inconvenient. It is advisable to show a sense of humor to make it more convenient. Like any other activity, boyfriend and girlfriend kissing can never be perfect the first time. You don't have to be embarrassed if you're kissing a man who has had a lot of experience with women. Even if you've never kissed anyone before, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

  • This could be the most special moment of your life. Different ways to kiss your boyfriend don't have to be your best moment in life. Kiss him just because you feel like it. If you don't want to do this, don't force yourself. Do it because you feel connected to him. Likewise, don't force him to do it if he doesn't want to.

  • It's okay to be nervous but remember to breathe. It's okay to be nervous, but remember to breathe. Try to relax and enjoy the sensational moment. The first time does not determine what subsequent kisses will be. If it doesn't work out well, don't beat yourself up. With time and experience, you will get better and find ways to kiss your boyfriend. If your boyfriend rejects your kiss, it's okay. Just move on, and eventually, you will find another man who really wants to befriend you.

  • Just enjoy this romantic moment. A kiss helps two people understand each other and how to show intimacy and romance. This is the first step towards establishing an intimate relationship between two lovers. A kiss that doesn't feel right makes two people doubt because they might wonder if there is chemistry between them. Instead of worrying about how you kiss him, relax and learn from the experience.

  • It doesn't have to be perfect. A moment of intimacy with a new guy is never easy, whether you've been with another man before or not. Know that the two of you have different ideas about what the perfect kiss is. But still, try not to worry too much about everything being perfect. Make sure you leave a lasting impression after your mouth opens.

The best way to kiss a guy

While kissing your boyfriend, it shouldn't end with your lips touching his. Interestingly, you can also add a few fun things to spice up the whole process. So while the kiss is going on, you can add this:

  • Eye contact. It exudes passion. Hold his face and look into his eyes. You don't even have to look sexy. The sensuality in your eyes drives them to kiss you more madly. Repeat this at regular intervals.

  • Speed ​​change. How to kiss your boyfriend? You can start with a slow or aggressive kiss. But pause between them for soft kisses where you just feel his lips and move yours over them. You can even move your tongue gently. Gradually increase the speed and intensity and see how it drives him crazy.

  • Use your hands. While your lips are busy, your hands can work a little to arouse him even more. Guys love it when you run your fingers through their hair. You can then wrap around his neck and ears and slide them towards his chest, arms, or back. If you can reach his waist, move your fingers there, but don't touch his pants.

  • Change positions. Don't let him be on top all the time. Eventually, he will get tired of it. So shake it up a little and get on it when you start kissing.

  • Lightly scratched his scalp while kissing him. What should I do with my hands when kissing my man? The easiest answer is to simply hug the man with your arms wrapped around him. But it can get a little boring after a while. A much more enthusiastic way to use your hands is to massage and gently scratch his scalp, especially at the back of his head.

It is very sensitive, and it is wonderful when it is rubbed, caressed, massaged, and scratched. So the next time you kiss him, try it; the man will love it.

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