How to Know If You Are in a Rebound Relationship


It seems that a relationship with a girl is nice until you feel that something goes wrong. But you don’t want to discuss this because you are afraid that you can just undermine a relationship at all. Moreover, as a man, you never panic because of trifles. But when events begin to develop, nothing remains but to pay attention to what is happening around you. And you begin to understand that you are used. It seems to you that there is not enough emotional feedback from a partner and this relationship becomes empty. At this point, there is a single thought – is it really worth continuing to date this girl? Nobody likes it when they are used. However, this is often done by men and women, but in different ways. Men tend to use women emotionally, while women use men solely for personal gain. You need to learn to recognize some signs to see if she uses you and whether it’s about money or any other things.

does a rebound relationship last

What is a rebound relationship?

Am I in a rebound relationship? This is a serious question because guys and girls treat romantic meetings in different ways. Women make plans for a future life together almost from the first day of acquaintance and men prefer not to look so far, behave vaguely to preserve freedom and independence. Male thinking very quickly systematizes a relationship: a woman doesn’t mind spending time with a particular man and is ready to live her whole life with someone else. If a man doesn’t understand her intentions, he can lose years and energy instead of looking really for “his” woman.

So, what is a rebound relationship? There are situations in life when we build relationships with temporary “fellow travelers”. Many of us used other people and sometimes we ourselves became a temporary option. Let’s talk about the framework in a relationship in order not to be used.

Rebound relationships include all relations without obligations, i.e., this is a relationship when no one owes anything to anyone. A woman can just use you, but it seems to you that this is normal and that this is the reality of our time. It is very difficult to turn rebound relationships into those relationships in which you will be valued and respected. For many women, this is the best option for a relationship with an unloved man! For example, they can start the so-called rebound relationship after divorce. Just imagine: no investment, sex at any time, and most importantly, no obligations! She doesn’t need to care about anything; she doesn’t have to support; she doesn’t need to be interested in his feelings! Perfectly! The worst thing is that men encourage such relationships! Men accept them themselves! It seems to them that this is normal!

The most important thing is to understand your status (the place that you occupy in a woman’s life). Even if she likes you very much, but she doesn’t introduce you to a close environment in the first days of communication, then she is not ready yet to give a status – that is, she’s not ready for a close relationship. Run away from a woman who says she is not ready for a serious relationship. It doesn’t matter when she broke up with someone – it doesn’t concern you. First of all, you should understand your place in her life. Otherwise, these relationships will slowly kill you, making you more miserable every day.

rebound relationship psychologySo, what is the most important thing you should understand about rebound relationship psychology?

1. You are not suitable for a woman who is not ready for a serious relationship. It is necessary to talk about it directly. And no matter who this woman is – even the prettiest and smartest woman in the world! Don’t be afraid to clarify the situation.

2. Your place in the life of a woman. You have to understand your status. Does she love you or are you just for fun or not to feel lonely?

3. Don’t blame a woman. She just feels the state of your self-esteem and behaves in accordance with this. One and the same woman behaves quite differently with different men – she can respect someone and someone, on the contrary, is in disrespect.

4. If she doesn’t introduce you to close people, then she is not ready yet to give any status. Indeed, this is so. In any case, if there is anything that embarrasses you, then you need to talk about this… and not with friends, but with the woman herself. Try to listen to your heart, not to emotions and instincts, namely to the heart. Usually, we are embarrassed to talk directly to women about what we want from a relationship. But you need to clearly tell how you should be treated. Try, it simplifies everything.

Can a rebound relationship work? No, no, and once again no! If you have such a relationship now and you understand that you are not yet ready to change something, then don’t torment yourself. Give yourself a little time to figure it out. What if it only seems to you? What if your relationship is still quite good?

How to know that you are the rebound guy

When a woman uses a man – it’s an unhealthy relationship. If you feel that your loved woman shows special attention to you only at certain moments, then this may be an indication that she doesn’t care about you at all. So, what are the signs you’re in a rebound relationship?

Sign# 1. She says she is not ready for a serious relationship

It is the classical excuse. Women often use it communicating with those who are of little interest as potential partner. Here you can’t go into details and get the reasons. She is not ready and that’s all. If you hear these words from your girlfriend, then you can be sure that a girl just doesn’t want to be together and you have little to hope for. There are very little chances that she may ever change her mind.

Sign# 2. She never calls you first

Also, she doesn’t call back or even avoid talking to you on the phone. You try to entertain yourself with the thought that she simply forgets or she doesn’t have time. In any case, this means that you are not interesting to her and she prefers to communicate with others, not with you. Remember the important rule: if a girl doesn’t call you back after your first call, it makes sense to call her again. If she doesn’t call back after your second call, you should think about why she does it. In almost all books for women on the seduction of men they write that a man should achieve a woman, so maybe she doesn’t call you intentionally. But after the third unanswered call, forget about her. Most likely, you were a rebound man for her for some time. And now she is happy without you.

Sign# 3. She avoids physical intimacy and tries not to look into your eyes when talking

This is one of the obvious signs of a rebound relationship. And men don’t pay attention to it for some reason. If a girl likes a man, she will try to be closer and look into each other’s eyes (this is very important). If she shies away from your gaze, then most likely, she doesn’t want to be with you, but she doesn’t dare to say this openly. Or maybe she just keeps you as a rebound guy and, therefore, is silent. In any case, think about whether you need to be together or better look for another subject of passion.

Sign# 4. She often speaks of other men in a conversation with you

No, she doesn’t want to make you feel jealous (unless she is your ex, but that’s another story, as they say.) Most likely you are in the category of just “friends”, which means only one thing – she perceives you as one of her friends, with whom she can just talk about everything. It doesn’t even occur to her that you have feelings for her. It is not a good sign.

Sign# 5. She’s trying to introduce you to another woman

She does this because, like at the previous point, she just doesn’t understand that you can be seen not only as “just a friend”. Perhaps you are dear to her. She may even love you. But only as a friend. She definitely doesn’t want to have any romantic relationship with you.

am i a rebound guySign# 6. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

If a girl has a sense of humor and only your jokes don’t cause her to laugh, you can draw two conclusions. Firstly, she doesn’t share your sense of humor and your jokes seem to her stupid and not funny. Secondly, laughter is one of the forms of flirting. Hence, you are not interesting to her, including your jokes.

Sign# 7. There is no place for you in her plans

Today she meets her friends, tomorrow she is with her mother, next week she goes with friends to a nightclub ... You are not there! Maybe you should also plan your life with another girl? Do it because these are signs you’re a rebound.

Sign# 8. She regularly cancels meetings with you

Of course, the reasons can be different, but if dates are canceled more and more often, then, most likely, she thinks that you are not the man of her dreams.

Sign# 9. Her description of the beautiful prince doesn’t remind you

She dreams of a Latin American macho perfectly dancing salsa, and you are rather an ordinary guy who can’t distinguish a quadrille from a polka. In principle, women rarely hold the same opinion but, most likely, her elect will be just some Scandinavian man. Let it be a small hint that you are not her beautiful prince.

Sign# 10. She doesn’t pay attention to your feelings

Is your woman not interested in how you feel, what bothers you, what are your problems? She doesn’t notice and doesn’t want to notice how she offends you with her behavior. Is it so? These are rebound relationships signs. She just uses you for something.

Sign# 11. She always blames you for everything

Am I a rebound guy? Yes, if your woman accuses you of spoiling her mood, says that it’s your fault that she can’t do something, always blame you for all quarrels and for not wanting to have sex with you. So, she is a common manipulator!

Sign# 12. She becomes passionate and gentle during certain periods

It is sad to admit, but women often become enamored when they want to make love. Then, they remember that you are their men, and, of course, should obey their passions. Manipulation with the help of sex is disgusting. And it is doubly unpleasant when a woman does this. Decide whether you succumb to her spell and allow her to use you or still find the strength to stop such unworthy relationships.

Sign# 13. She communicates with you when she needs something

She is constantly busy, doesn’t want to go to the theater, spend time with you when she has a day off, but she immediately appears as soon as she needs something. This is a clear sign that she is using you.

The hardest thing is to continue to believe people if you have already been used once. Look for the golden mean between naivety and cynicism, which will allow you not to be used. But also do not close your heart and life to those who are trying to come with good intentions.

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Well, it sucks to find yourself in such relationships especially if you have a crush on a person. And yep, nobody is immune to that.
16.07.2020 15:32

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