Relationship Milestones: Definitions and Tips for Celebration


Love stories always have the beginning and the end. Ideally, this is just one romance lasting a lifetime, but more often, we have many affairs, sooner or later leading to something serious.

Well, men meet girls online, and they get to know each other. But nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand where a serious relationship begins, and when it is an affair that leaves only disappointment. If you learn to determine at what stage you are at the moment, you can easily understand whether your couple has a chance. Let’s consider the main relationship milestones through which all couples go.

9 month relationship milestone

Paying attention to relationship milestones: is it childish?

The question of whether relationship milestones are important, as a rule, is asked by girls. Men just act according to circumstances. And usually, such a question is asked at the moment when a girl suddenly realizes that it is time to move on to another level and proceed to the commitment ceremony as soon as possible.

The fact that there are many more stages, which people often don’t even know about. As well as the fact that it is almost impossible to move to a new stage of relations at the initiative of one of the partners: this happens naturally, of course, when both participants in the game are ready. Also, there is a dating milestones timeline. Each milestone of the relationship becomes a logical continuation of the previous one. For example, if you decide to have sex on your first date, this doesn’t mean that you have moved to a new stage of the relationship, it only means that you had sex on the first date. You can propose after a week of dating, but this doesn’t show real intimacy. If you have given birth to a child, this doesn’t mean that you have reached the stage of relationships with true feelings.

Moreover, due to ignorance, relationship milestones for men become something strange. They often take it for deviation or failure and ruin everything. In order to have an idea of what is really going on between you and decide whether you want to move to a new stage of the relationship, it is still advisable to know what milestone your relationship is made up of. And it is absolutely not childish.

What are relationships milestones?

Psychologists determine the stages of development of relationships, starting from the first meeting and ending with old age. This is the ideal model according to which you meet a person and live together until the end of your days. In real life, everything can be different: you can have at least a hundred partners but not find your love, or, conversely, meet a future spouse being a teenager and live your whole life together. The first thing to learn about relationships is that the norm doesn’t exist. Yes, some rules are secretly adopted in society but who will forbid you to break them? Any relationship is unique. Of course, there are certain scenarios for the development of relations. But still, each of us follows their path of building these very relationships. Love is a romantic feeling, so it may seem too cynical to try to bring it under certain rules.

But still, whatever one may say, relations between a man and a woman are developing in milestones. Each of these dating milestones has a different duration, depending on the feelings, reciprocity of partners, their temperaments, and character traits. There is no template as such, sometimes you can even jump over several levels at once and speed up the development of relationships, and there are often cases when a relationship doesn’t develop at all. Moreover, the milestones of a love relationship can be cyclical. We all feel that we go through certain milestones of development in relationships. And it is possible to build really strong, trusting relationships only after going through all couple milestones.

Key couple milestones to reach

Any relationship is a separate world with its history, rules, habits, traditions, and difficulties. Of course, it would be foolish to say that all couples go along the same path and through the same difficulties. However, there is a theory that all couples have to rich key milestones in a relationship. And only after that, it will become clear to both of you whether you are really able to live life together or not.

1. First date

The first date is often a very exciting event in our life. First of all, it is you who should feel pleasure from communication. It has to be free, natural, which will confirm your compatibility. And don’t strive to be perfect. If the first date with a girl is successful, you should ask her to go out once again. You can joke, emphasizing your positive attitude after a date, making it clear to the girl that you are pleased to be with her.

2. First kiss

This is the first signal to a future partner that you trust each other. Usually, a comfort zone for outsiders is about 50 centimeters. By letting people into your comfort zone, you show them that you are ready to continue close communication. Most often, the kiss happens on the second date, but some people end the first meeting this way and this is also normal. Moreover, if you choose a romantic place, somewhere under the moon, with a beautiful view of the city, after a pleasant date, such a kiss will provoke further meetings. The memory of this intimate event will remain for milestones

3. “Are we good for each other?”

Some people take a long look at a person before realizing that they are ready to decide on something more and give free rein to their feelings. They need to understand whether the intended partner fits their criteria, how serious their intentions are, and what is acceptable to them in a relationship. This usually lasts 3-5 dates. Meanwhile, it is very important to quickly understand whether you are good for each other or not.

4. Sex

This is one of the most important milestones in a relationship. Once you understand that a woman is interesting to you, you can move on to a new stage in the relationship. Usually, a couple of weeks passes before people have sex. However, some have sex on their first date. Yes, that’s normal too. Talking about sex is normal, and if you both feel a mutual desire and willingness, then it’s worth discussing what you expect from the process. Feel free to ask questions and answer. Both of you should understand the limits of what is permissible.

5. You get to know each other

Communication is the foundation of a happy and healthy relationship. When both partners openly talk about what they like and what they dislike without fear that they won’t be understood or ridiculed, that’s fine. Such a format of relationships contributes to even greater harmony, closeness, and mutual understanding. Try not to hide anything from your partner. If something bothers you or you want something badly, then tell your loved ones about it. They will certainly understand you.

6. You spend more time with each other

You meet and you enjoy. You miss each other when you are apart. You begin to spend every free minute together. People in love try to spend more time with each other: they go somewhere on weekends, find an hour to meet and have coffee, they want to be in touch more often, they call and find a moment to remind of themselves in messengers, and so on.

7. Meeting with family and friends

As soon as you feel serious about each other, you are ready to introduce each other to friends and start spending time together. It usually occurs in 2-3 months after the first date. After six months or a year, we are ready to let our loved ones to the most secret place – our family.

8. Talk about your future

When you are not serious about each other, you don’t talk about your future, children, pets, and so on. Both of you have plans and you just spent a pleasant time together. But when you become more than friends, you start planning your life together, for example, where you want to travel this summer or where you are going to live, and so on. So, if you are talking about your joint future, then you already have serious intentions.

9. I love you

To say these words, it’s very important to be together long enough. You have to overcome both the ups and downs of your relationship as a couple. In particular, you already had disagreements and disputes, but your relationship is strong enough to solve problems and conflicts together. In a word, your feelings of adoration and affection for a partner remain strong even after you face certain problems.

10. You are officially a couple and everyone knows about it

And only now, having passed all the trials of the previous stages, the couple finally reaches true love. The signs of this milestone are the long-awaited harmony in the relationship. The partners know all the strengths and weaknesses of each other. They have learned to accept each other for what they are. They take care of each other. As you see, achieving true love is not so simple, and you need to really work hard, learning to forgive, accept, and compromise. But the real feelings are worth it!

How to celebrate main relationship milestones by months

five month milestoneAny relationship milestone should be celebrated so that the most pleasant impressions of this day remain in your memory. It is enough to turn on imagination. To celebrate the date when your love was born, you can come up with many ideas.

3 month relationship milestone

3 month relationship milestone is one of the first dates that people in love celebrate as a couple. 3 months is the time when people can’t imagine life without each other. This significant day can be celebrated with a traditional candlelit dinner that flows smoothly into the night of love and romance. Create an intimate atmosphere: dim lights, aroma candles, pleasant relaxing music, etc. It should be romantic.

Five month milestone

During the first 5 months of the relationship, people get to know each other better and take off pink glasses. But at the same time, the intensity of emotions is still very strong. So, many want to celebrate five month milestone in a special way to prove their soulmates how much they appreciate them. 5 months of relationships shouldn’t turn into a grand party. Invite friends and relatives with whom you would like to share the moment and decorate the house. Just have a quiet family dinner.

9 month relationship milestone

You have long been together and reached 9 month relationship milestone. Surely, you know the dreams and desires of your partner. This day, you can be wizards for each other. It is not necessary to make very expensive purchases. Sometimes it is enough to fulfill a simple desire. If everything goes well, by the end of the evening, make a list of joint desires for the coming year, and after a while, assess your achievements.

One year relationship milestone

If you intend to make one year relationship milestone truly unforgettable, it is recommended to fly away for a short vacation. This is like a honeymoon. A romantic trip to tropical islands or mountains can unite you even more. Surfing, hiking, walking along the narrow streets can serve as a worthy backdrop for the celebration of your love.

So, we are all social beings and it makes no sense to argue about this. Everyone wants to love and be loved, but what is love? At least, it is a sense of comfort next to a person. A relationship milestone is a great help in resolving this issue. Thanks to it, you will not only sort out common plans with your partner, but you will also be able to solve your problems.

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