How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl


People face many challenges every day, some of them are perceived as something ordinary and not worth mentioning while others make a mark on one’s self-esteem or even soul. It’s especially true for a man who is getting rejected by a woman he likes. Fortunately, such things don’t happen every day, otherwise, men would have already stopped taking any steps toward approaching single women both offline and online. Even though guys are sure that it is impossible to predict a girl’s reaction, there is a list of reasons why you may be rejected by every girl.

why do girls reject me

Honest Reasons Why You Are Rejected by Her

It is very important to understand where you met the girl and whether you saw her before. If you have met on social networks, then the reasons for her coldness may slightly differ from the reasons for getting rejected by a girl you have met in the street, that is, you see each other and imagine what kind of people you are and how you look. There may be a whole list of problems that need to be solved or just need to be taken for granted. Of course, it is about the first date, but some of the reasons can be applied in any case.

1. She doesn't have enough information about you

If you’ve met on the Internet, then your photos are not enough, and even a video with you cannot solve all the problems. You should understand that a properly designed page on a social network (and especially on a dating site) should provide information about you so that the women looking for men can create a visual portrait of your personality and your interests. So, you should add at least the year of birth, the city of residence, a few interests and catchy facts about you. Besides, your photos must be informative as well. If you are not sure how to do everything right with filling your profile out, you can search for the full guide on the Internet.

2. There is a surfeit of information

Another side of the coin can be a surfeit of information in your profile. Do not write absolutely everything about yourself as well as don’t upload millions of photos. If you are in an active search for a soulmate, then you will have to know what true intrigue is. If you want to show yourself, then try not to communicate via video for too long. Pretend you need to go somewhere or honestly tell her that you don’t want to spoil the real meeting. Maintaining intrigue is the main rule of a man who wants to successfully ask a lady out on a date and not ask himself the question, “Why do I keep getting rejected?”

3. You have different interests and don’t have common ground

For example, a girl likes Russian cinematography, but it says in your profile on a dating site that you would rather fall out of the window than watching a Russian film. Of course, this may not become a stumbling block, but people are different, so there are many different things that a lady may not like about you. But such moments can be crucial for a girl. If it is such a situation, then there are high chances you will be rejected by a girl. She may think that she shouldn’t waste her precious time on a man who does not share her hobbies.

4. She has a boyfriend or husband

If you approach a girl in the street, there are high chances that her heart can be already occupied. Naturally, first, to be on the safe side, you should always try to make sure that the girl is not busy. Of course, you shouldn’t ask directly but, most likely, she will tell you about it. However, sometimes it happens that girls keep silence and just reject. There are no solutions here, unfortunately. So, you will have to put up with getting rejected by a woman and look for someone else.

5. She is busy with something

This option cannot be dismissed either. Maybe she doesn’t want to reject you, but she just has no way out. She may be extremely busy with work, for example, she may face a deadline, or she may have some problems. You will not find it out if she doesn't want you to know. If you ask a girl out, but she rejects and comes up with some generic excuses, then you should try to evaluate her words, her tone, and intentions. If she says coldly that she cannot make it to the date you planned, then she doesn’t want to. If she says it’s not about you, then this is a good sign that she values your attention.

getting rejected by a girlHandle Rejection from a Girl with These Tips

When a guy gets rejected, this situation can create a gap in his self-esteem. However, you can work with this condition. Rejection means that right now your expectations haven’t been fulfilled. You can be rejected because of various reasons, above-mentioned ones are just a small part of it, but the main thing here is how you handle it. Some men will just give up, feeling despair and letting their standards drop, while others will try again with renewed energy. How to deal with rejection from a girl? Pay attention to the following tips.

1. Do not criticize yourself

If you have faced rejection from a girl, and your self-esteem has suffered, you shouldn’t make things worse with your own hands, beating yourself up and telling yourself all the time that you are a loser and a screw-up. It is emotionally harmful and psychologically destructive from all the sides. It is enough to reflect on what has happened and understand what to do (or what not to, for instance) next time so that the situation does not happen again. Try to look at the situation from the outside, there should be something that has served as a trigger for your “girl rejected me.”

2. Remember the phrase "nothing personal"

Another common mistake is to consider every rejection from a girl a personal matter. Of course, you may think something like, “Girls always reject me, so how not take it personally?” Yes, in such case, you might be right, but if you have been rejected just for several times, then there is nothing to worry about. It can be not the case since most rejections are caused by unfavorable circumstances. So, do not think that you are rejected as a person but consider that there were just no suitable circumstances.

3. Restore self-esteem

If a girl has rejected you, and this has made you feel like a screw-up, then you are doomed to another rejection. Therefore, in a situation when your self-esteem is hurt, it is important to remind yourself of your strengths, and not to list the disadvantages repeatedly. Psychologists suggest making a list of your five best qualities and even describe one of them in detail. So, every time you feel bad, you can re-read them to remind yourself that there is something worth admiration in you. The use of such “emotional urgent care” will improve your self-esteem, reduce emotional pain and build confidence in the future.

4. Strengthen social connections

How to handle rejection from a girl? In a situation when a person faces rejection, they should remind themselves that they are valued and loved. It’s like the situation when your colleagues do not invite you to dinner, but you can easily go for coffee with your "colleagues" in the sports club. If you cannot approach a girl in the street because you get nervous and even your palms start to sweat, then the best way out for you will be an online dating account. It’s a comfort zone that can serve as a springboard for the development of your communication skills. So, there will be no necessity to ask yourself, “Why do girls reject me?”

5. Perceive rejection not as an end but as a beginning

The one who has received the rejection has something to be proud of. You have tried, while many guys prefer to do nothing but complain about their loneliness and reluctance of girls to approach them first. So, you should praise yourself for trying your hand at making a girl interested in you, then analyze the situation, think about new opportunities and set a goal. Rejection is not a disaster but rather a step forward because only after doing some nice work on yourself, you will be able to meet someone special. Remember that rejection is never smooth for anyone. However, the ability to reduce psychological damage and maintain your self-esteem will help you recover faster and move forward.

6. Practice more often

Unfortunately, even advanced and confident men may face rejection from girls due to objective reasons. Therefore, rejections cannot be completely avoided. However, you can minimize its number and learn how to deal with rejection from a girl with the help of ordinary practice. There is no magic pill. The more often you approach girls and face rejections, the more they become indifferent to you. It is difficult and embarrassing to face rejection from a girl for the first time. However, when there are over 100 cases, you don’t feel anything, and just calmly approach another girl. Besides, with experience, you will be able to evaluate the prospect of closer acquaintance even by the appearance and gestures of the girl.

7. Carefully analyze your mistakes

How to deal with rejection from a crush? The most useful thing in any rejection, and especially in such an important one, is an opportunity to analyze your mistakes and even life in general. It is better to spend energy thinking about your wrong actions so as not to repeat them in the future. This will allow achieving success when you meet your soulmate. Some people are struggling to achieve a goal so much that when they do not reach it, they become desperate. A guy who knows how to deal with rejection from a girl does not waste his time mourning defeat but analyzes the whole situation and makes the right conclusions to stop being rejected by girls. The one who does not know how to lose, wastes their time and energy on complaints and often puts barriers, preventing themselves from acting.

How to Stop Being Rejected by Girls

It seems you are always ready to help. You are ready to be the shoulder to cry on or give advice. In a word, you are a good guy with whom every girl might have wanted to date, but you are still alone and single. Now when you know that a guy can face rejection from a girl because of various reasons, and you have already found out some ways of dealing with it, it’s high time to get some tips on how to stop being rejected by girls. You should understand that it will not be the easiest task on earth, but if you are ready to make efforts, you will be rewarded. Any relationship is a very complicated thing that may have many pitfalls and can make you suffer, but you cannot do without it anyway. You should be ready for hard work on yourself since fixing one thing will not help you much. To achieve some high results, you should start with yourself. So, how to stop being rejected by charming women?

1. Don’t be obsessed with a relationship

When you focus on something or someone, you increase the level of your expectations. However, it is exactly when Murphy's law starts working. So, the more you want something to get and the more you reflect on that all the time, the lower your chances to succeed are. Talking about love relationships, it is exactly the sphere of life where sometimes people’s expectations are greater than the feeling itself. So, your disappointment has all the chances to reach the scale of a catastrophe. You have only two ways out in such case. how to handle rejection from a girlFirst, you will not listen to sage advice as you’ll worry too much and, as a result, you will have a nervous tic and epic fail. Second, you will try to perceive the process of approaching the girl as something ordinary, for example, like shopping. You will not try to impress anyone but will communicate with various people and try to get maximum pleasure from the talks. As soon as you relax and stop being obsessed with the necessity to start a relationship, you will meet someone special.

2. Watch your appearance

You might believe that your true soulmate will fall in love with you at the first sight and will be able to recognize your rich inner world, so it’s not necessary to worry too much about your appearance. You think so but continue to approach girls who look great, smell nicely and in general, resemble the most beautiful Christmas Eve. Don’t you think that something is wrong here? Even if your appearance cannot be called handsome, it is not an excuse to neglect it. You still have opportunities to improve it, visiting the gym, choosing the right clothes and pleasant perfume as well as working on your sense of humor. By the way, bad smell is among the top reasons why girls reject guys, and it doesn't matter what the cause of the bad smell is, it can be sweating, problems with the digestive tract, teeth, or dirty socks. The bad smell repels. The probability of rejection is 100%.

3. Start living your own life

If you have already matured, but you continue to live with your parents, and this fact doesn’t bother you much since it's very comfortable, maybe it is one of the reasons why you are rejected by women. Nobody wants to date another “mummy’s sweetheart” who is looking rather for a babysitter than a partner. Maybe it's high time to become more independent, responsible and mature. You know girls like mature men, but they do their best to avoid grown-up kids. It’s quite easy to find an apartment, and even if it resembles a typical man cave, it is better than living with your parents. You should start living your own life, this is one of the most effective ways to become attractive for the opposite sex.

4. Realize your strong sides and learn how to use them

Many people underestimate their strong sides, focusing only on the drawbacks. However, if you look at yourself more attentively, you will understand that you have many pros that can be successfully used when approaching girls. Just make a list of things you possess and that can potentially attract girls. Put them in a line and start working on them. The main thing is to realize that you have these strong sides, and they can be successfully used for achieving your goals.

5. Don’t be extremely persistent

If you have already noticed that you are too persistent in relationships with charming ladies, then it can be the root cause of getting a rejection on their part all the time. This is your problem. If you face rejection, you shouldn’t impose. This is extremely unsafe for a normal dating outcome. If you try to ask the girl out on a date too often, you will lose all the chances to make her interested in you. She can cease to like you at all. If you want to win your crush over, you should alternate indifference and attention. This will be the best option for you. Sometimes you should be inaccessible, but try not to overdo it. This is worth learning because you should understand that inaccessibility is always more attractive to people.

So, as you see, rejection is not that terrible of a thing but rather an experience that will help you in the future if you listen to the above-mentioned tips. Remember the most attractive man is one that has healthy self-esteem and a great sense of humor.

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Guys, don't take a girl’s rejection personal. After all, every man to his taste. You will definitely find a girl who will love you for who you are, the main thing is not to give up.
17.07.2020 09:05

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