How to get a girl to have sex with you


Finally getting to have sex with a girl is pretty much a dream come true for every man. No matter if you actually want to date the woman or you might simply find the girl extremely hot and sexually attractive. First of all, probably the nicest (and the easiest too) way how to convince a woman to have sex is by dating her and taking things forward with that one. You could fall in love with a wonderful girl and, no doubt, you will have lots of fun at every moment and every stage of your relationship.

But whether you are seriously dating a girl or just sharing a sexually thrilling friendship, making the first move to have sex is quite a tricky business. The main problem is that you certainly can’t talk about your intentions too soon. In this way, neither should you go for the first move to have sex with a woman unless she completely approves your move with reciprocation.

how to convince your girlfriend to have sex

How to convince a girl to have sex with you

Making any female feel the desire and seek the actual opportunity to have sex with you can actually be a lot easier than most of you guys think.

The following tips on how to convince a girl for sex may come in handy when:

  • You met her for the first time
  • You got stuck in a girl’s friend zone or have made a poor first impression on her

The spark between the two of you has faded away and she is no longer interested in having sex with you

1. Make sure she’s sexually attracted to you

If you want to learn how to convince someone to have sex with you, the first and the most important thing you will need to memorize is to make a girl be sexually attracted to you.

As you might know, a woman’s sexual attraction is mainly based on what a man says and does in her presence. Two best examples of how to make any woman feel attracted to you during the conversation are:

  • Be masculine: In all your positive energy, vibe, interaction style, behavior and body language straight to the point where a girl feels in your presence.
  • Flirt with her: Flirting can create a spark between the two of you when you meet up and it is also one of those things keeping the spark of passion alive in a relationship.

Once you’ve made her feel attracted in all possible ways at once, she will naturally feel sexually attracted to you and thus, will have a strong desire to get cozy with you. However, if you are interacting with a girl, unknowingly turning her off in all the ways imaginable, then she is not going to feel that much desire to have intimacy with you.

how to convince your girlfriend to have sex with youSo, the more methods you can use to make her feel attracted to you when interacting with her, the stronger her desire to open up to you will be. That is precisely how it works for all women with no exception. As a guy, you will need to actively make her attracted to you when interacting with her.

And do not be expecting a woman to feel attracted just on her own for some magical reasons. You’ll need to make sure you actively turn her on by what you say and how you act around her.

2. Let a girl know you find her sexually attractive

According to the Dove Cosmetics survey on beauty, almost 96% of women interviewed do not consider themselves to be beautiful. Really weird, but it’s true!

But why do so many modern women feel insecure about their own appearance? The point is, when a woman keeps on comparing herself to all those photoshopped and airbrushed nearly perfect images of women in the media or to the hot female pornstars, she actually realizes she doesn’t look that well with no makeup or when she is not dressed up in a slinky outfit. So, avoid assuming that she knows she’s beautiful. In some cases, women might feel inadequate for whatever reasons they will extremely rarely if ever, discuss with their men.

So, if you received her agreement to have sex with you, she will definitely want to appear sexy in your eyes, like she’s fully accepted by her man and that she is totally safe to stay her true self. But in case if she does not feel that way with you around, she will be feeling pretty much insecure and will hardly be drawn to the only idea of having sex with someone.

3. Turn her on with light touches

If you want to figure out how to convince someone to have sex for the first time, consider giving a girl you desire a gentle handshake when introducing yourself. And when you are parting ways, be sure to drop, “Well, I do feel like I need a hug. Won’t you give me a sweet goodbye hug?” and then hug a girl warmly for a couple seconds.

One of the finest ways to make it work is to bring a girl you like in for a decent hug and to tell her to chill down with you for a moment. After that, proceed to touch and caress her really slowly all over the girl’s body. There’s a chance she might try to resist your attempts to turn her on, still, if you will be telling her she is so sexy and all the stuff in addition to kissing her softly on her neck, she will surely warm up to you.

Keep touching the girl all over her wonderful body expressing your genuine desire for her. Your soft touches along with your desire will begin to turn the girl on.

How to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you

So, all in all, you’ve finally reached the point in your romantic relationship where you want to take everything to the next level. And while some may say sex is actually not such a big deal, other people see intimacy as something they would only share with a very special individual. Although you never wanted to force your precious girl to have intimacy with you, you can always soothe the bigger part of her fears having reassured her you are a person she can trust and count on. Once you’ve done this, sex will come as absolutely no problem. So, here you got some of the best tips on how to convince your girlfriend to have sex.

1. Treat your girl like a true lady

If you want your boo to have sex with you, you should start treating her like a true lady, not just like a girl you’d love to hook up with. In order to do this, you’ll need to become a real gentleman, learn to be courteous, kind, understanding, and admirable. Don’t forget to open doors for your girlfriend, give her your coat when it’s freezing, pull out chairs for her, and help your woman carry her bags.

2. Show a genuine interest in her

Your girlfriend’s biggest fear might be that you don’t really care about her inner world because she thinks you are always too busy focusing mainly on her body. That’s why you must prove her wrong. Show your girl you are interested in who she is as a personality, that you share her hopes and dreams, and about what can make her tick.

3. Be prepared

If your plan is to have sex with her, or even talking about the likelihood of having sex with her, then you must be fully prepared with a few condoms in case the right mood strikes your crush. This doesn’t actually mean you should be flashing a pack of condoms making her feel highly uncomfortable, but it does mean you need to grant yourself backup just in case things eventually go in a really favorable direction.

how to convince someone to have sex for the first time 4. Set the right atmosphere

If you want your beloved girlfriend to have sex with you, you will also need to set the romantic mood. Start your perfect evening for two by doing some romantic things to soften the girl up. After that, be sure to cop a bottle of fine red wine, grapes, a box of chocolates, and some light romantic music on the radio. Light up the candles to get her in a totally romantic mindset.

5. Proceed to kiss her

If you want to know how to convince your girlfriend to have sex, you will have to learn to be a master kisser. Even if you already are a pretty experienced kisser, you should still learn to kiss your girl in a variety of new ways to make your kisses always stay fresh. Do not overwhelm the girl and do not grope her after you lock lips. You’d better take it really slow, grazing your lips and touching her neck or stroking her face.

6. Don’t play it too hard

If you want to make your woman desire you, then you should not be acting like a sex beast, moving rapidly, ripping off her clothes and levitating all the way into the bed. Instead, you should kiss your girl for a few seconds, pull back, and talk to her. Just repeat these moves a few times and expect her to go absolutely wild.

7. Respect her wishes

If she’d decide to suddenly change her mind from yes to no, asking you to stop during the process, do as she asks immediately. It can be useful to have a relaxed talk just beforehand to find out what your girl really wants and what she is not ready for yet. Pay extra attention and never make your girlfriend do something she isn’t fully comfortable with.

8. Timing is everything

What’s more, avoid insisting when she’s against. There will always be tomorrow to go for another try. Feelings can’t be faked since those are a function of our mind. That’s why nice timing will ultimately make the girl mellow down before you. You can be sure she will certainly come around when she considers it is a perfect time.

How to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex

In this matter, trust, therefore, seems to be taking front stage. The point is, women hate to feel like they are being taken advantage of, or like they are doing something extremely inappropriate. Here are several tips on how to convince your girlfriend to have sex, particularly, anal one.

1. Lube up!

Anal sex can be quite painful for a woman, especially if it’s her first experience. So, to avoid cracking the thin skin around her anus, you’re going to need something more lubricated than your condom. Be advised to use any synthetic lubricant and remember: It is impossible to use too much of it! Feel free to use a whole bottle if you need! It will make her way more comfortable so that you won’t need to stop the action because your girl starts to feel inconvenient.

2. Do it slowly

The anus does not react just like her vagina. You can’t speed up the way you do in traditional sex. The anal muscles must be relaxed to accommodate your buddy. Longer foreplay is required. While kissing her, rub a lubed finger around her anus. Then insert it and proceed for a slow in and out movement. You’d better start with your little finger, then building up to using the other ones. Once your girlfriend is totally comfortable with it, you’re okay to insert your bud so that she’ll be relaxed enough for it.

3. Act classy after

Since both of you will need some cleanup, why not hop for a hot shower together? Share the moment with your significant other, pleasure your girl, and let her know that what you just did together was perfect and totally natural. Share your sincere feelings about everything that happened. Tell her how much you enjoyed the first experience and the fact you’ve shared it with her. Do not skip this step as it could have been the last time you visited her backyard!

Anal sex can be a highly pleasurable experience for both lovers. Still, it requires mutual trust and intimacy. But with patience and time, your woman will discover the real pleasure that comes with anal penetration. All in all, you are a nice dude who just can’t allow disappointing his beloved girl!

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I didn’t face a situation when it was necessary to convince a girl to have sex. Usually, it happens naturally when both of us are ready to move on.
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