What is the most important thing in the relationship between a man and a woman?


What are the most important things in a relationship? Men and women respond differently when asked what is essential in a relationship. Although it is worth recognizing, there are a lot of disagreements in the answers of representatives of the same sex. For some, home comfort is important; for some, connections are impossible without a sense of protection. And some do not even think of creating a couple without regular and varied sex.

And if, for everyone, the concept of “importance” is so different, it turns out that there can be nothing important in a connection. Actually, it is not. We put at the forefront what we were deprived of in the previous union. It also happens that a person does not receive something else in childhood and, therefore, so stubbornly seeks it in adult connections. What is the list of important things in a relationship?

What is the most important thing in the relationship between a man and a woman?

Important things to know in a relationship?

Relations between a man and a woman can only be harmonious if both partners feel that they are comfortable with each other. Obviously, everyone must admit that he does not want to be left alone. Only such a formula gives a chance to be happy. Let's figure out what is most important in the connection between the sexes and why.

What is important in a relationship to a woman?

We are all different, so it is impossible to define clear criteria. But there are some standards that almost all representatives of the weaker sex aspire to. According to most women, a partner should be:

  • Reliable. For each girl, confidence in the future is of particular value. Therefore, as a rule, they choose those men who can guarantee stability in connections, are ready to prove that they are able to fight for their chosen one, and take responsibility for both.

  • Caring, loving. All women are emotional; therefore, their choice most often falls on those representatives of the stronger sex who, without hesitation, express their feelings. In addition, for girls in a connection, it is important that a man knows how to care for and take part in the life of his chosen one.

  • A professional in the chosen field. For women, the status and experience of a man are important for them; these are important things in a relationship. It is not so important whom he works for; it is crucial how well he understands his profession.

  • Gallant. Every girl is pleased to hear compliments, so they feel that they are loved and admired.

All of the above criteria are what is important in a connection for women.

What is important in a relationship to a man?

The inner world of the representative of the stronger sex is significantly different from the female. Let's see what is essential for a guy in a connection. There is no place for stereotypes here, but at the same time, male values are very similar to female ones. Below is a list of principles that are traditionally the most significant for the strong half:

  • A man wants to be in charge of a connection. It is important for him that the chosen one hears him and agrees with him.

  • A girl must trust a man and give him freedom of action.

  • A man has his own everyday habits, and he wants his chosen one to respect them. He is unlikely to want to change for the sake of a woman.

  • A man does not tolerate reproaches; he appreciates the support, understanding, and ability to listen.

  • A man wants to be a hero for his chosen one; if she believes in him, he will protect and protect, move mountains for her. It is really important for him that in a connection, a girl does not hide her admiration, and this is an important thing in love.

  • Comparisons with other men are unacceptable for him. He wants to be special and unique.

  • Excessive exactingness of a girl, as a rule, strains a man. He himself will do everything that is required of him. The main thing is to feel that all efforts are appreciated.

  • A girl should not invade the personal space of her chosen one. The more freedom he is given, the more he appreciates his other half.

  • A man is always ready for experiments in bed, so a girl should not be shy.

  • Most often, a man chooses calm and reasonable girls as his soulmate. For him, the ability to support is especially valuable.

  • He, like no one else, understands that fidelity is important in a connection between a man and a woman.

  • A companion should take care of herself and have good taste.

  • For a man, it is essential that even after years of connection, flirting and riddles remain between partners, and these are important parts of a relationship.

This is what is important for a man in a connection with a woman. As you can see, the list of requirements is much longer than the women's one, but this does not mean at all that it is categorical. It also happens that the chosen one is the complete opposite of the ideal.

Things to have in a relationship

  • Friendship and mutual understanding. Many of us believe that support and mutual understanding is the most valuable thing in a connection. Obviously, everyone wants to have support nearby, a strong shoulder. We are looking not only for support in a difficult period, but we also need those with whom we can share our joy. Good connections are of particular value to us because a partner is not just someone who lives nearby but someone who helps supports, and encourages with a kind word. Such connections are built on trust, love, and complete understanding. These are important factors in a relationship. Such relationships can be safely called unhealthy. If you need a partner in order to give you some material (and not only) benefits, then you are wrong about something. A partner is the one who gives first of all emotions, makes you happy, and appreciates what you are.

  • Common goals and desires. Often couples manage to maintain relationships for a long time due to full compatibility in bed. But this is not enough. Different priorities in life, values, and goals often break even seemingly strong families. It is unlikely that any of you will argue with the fact that this is very important in a connection. Of course, no one says that the inner worlds of a man and a woman should be an exact copy of each other. You may be interested in completely different things. But to determine your compatibility, imagine each other ten years from now. Do you have much in common?

  • Honesty and loyalty. If you are comfortable with your partner, honesty and loyalty will always be your companions. Of course, you can afford to communicate with other people, but it should not carry the implication of a future connection. Your relationship is your personal choice. Therefore, these qualities should accompany by default. If you decide that you have met someone with whom you are ready to spend your whole life, you must trust him 100 percent; this is the key thing in a relationship. If even a hint of distrust is inherent in your connection, most likely, you are wasting time.

  • Support is the most important aspect of a relationship. Even if everyone around takes up arms against you, your other half should always be there. This is your support and support. Appreciate and support each other, and other problems will be resolved over time.

  • The feeling of happiness. Many of us believe that the essential thing in a connection between a guy and a girl is a constant feeling of happiness. Agree; there is a lot of truth in these words. If this is important to you, take special responsibility for building the foundation of relationships. When you are happy, everyone around you will also be happy. Such connections will definitely be successful.

  • Words that give hope and heal important things to discuss in a relationship. Tell your other half more often about how much she means to you. It is essential. If you think that the connection itself implies the presence of warm feelings, then you are mistaken. Give compliments, talk about how much you appreciate your union, and cheer each other up.

  • The feeling of joy. You are a couple, and you should have one common goal - to give each other joy. These are the main things in a relationship. Try to please each other; let this be your main rule. Doing little "goodies" is not difficult at all. But how uplifting they are! For example, a girl can unexpectedly cook her favorite dish for her chosen one. Man - meet from work or come home with flowers. These are all trifles, but it is from small joys that great happiness is formed.

  • Openness to new sensations. Things to consider in a relationship. If you feel like your sex isn't perfect, chances are you aren't experimenting. Everything comes up sometimes. Try to develop in this area as well. Feel free to talk about these topics with your passion and openly ask what is missing.

  • Self-esteem. Of course, if you give yourself complete love, this is not bad. But don't forget to love yourself. Your partner is unlikely to respect you if you do not respect yourself. Now, of course, it's about self-esteem. Many recognize that this is really important in a serious connection between a guy and a girl, and for a good reason. If you love and respect yourself, you can be confident in yourself. In addition, in this state of affairs, the fear of loss becomes much less because you know that you are self-sufficient and will never be completely alone.

  • Proximity. It is things you do in a relationship that are very important. Intimacy is often called intimate connections, but intimacy is only a small part of the whole system, a complex of various actions. For example, kissing, hugging, flirting, and massage. All your tactile manifestations of feelings are intimacy.

  • The opportunity to be yourself and express yourself. What else is essential in a connection between a guy and a girl? Of course, this is an opportunity to be yourself, to express yourself. If your partner is forcing you to wear clothes that make you feel out of place, they are depriving you of the opportunity to be yourself. If you are asked not to talk about topics that are not interesting for the interlocutor but really excite you, you are also not allowed to open up. Remember, if a person loves you, he loves you for who you are.

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