How to Find a Ukrainian Girl for Relationships


Even ten years ago, looking for life partners in Ukraine sounded like a fantastic tale to many Western men. Today, we are facing a completely different situation. Ukrainian culture gains more and more popularity in the international arena, so men from the USA and the EU struggle to meet a Ukrainian woman. Are there any reasons for doing so? Sure. Ukrainian women definitely have something others do not. You may have heard various myths about Ukrainians, but how many of those were true? To get a better understanding, follow our simple guide to Ukrainian women dating!

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Getting started: where and how to search for a girl

If you do not live in Ukraine, the easiest way to find a woman for you is to visit a Ukrainian dating site. There are too many online sites to outline any, so you should just choose what fits you the best. It only has to be a reliable service. Furthermore, in Ukraine, you may find sites gathering ladies from a certain large city or region. The principles of registration and use are the same throughout the internet, so let`s not dwell on it. The criteria of online searching are completely up to you: woman`s age, appearance, life interests, and goals. Merely select what you would be interested in. Keep in mind that you are looking for a compatible partner; check carefully all the information given in her profile. Yes, it is impossible to describe one`s personality in a few words, but all you need now is the first insight. Of course, your profile means a lot as well. This is the very basic thing to impress your potential girlfriend. Take a picture, on which you look good, but do not apply many touch-ups. Remember that you must be honest and self-confident while writing about your character and habits.

If you decide to engage in Ukrainian women dating offline, we would like to bring to your attention a list of Ukrainian cities where you can do it in the fastest possible way:

  • Kyiv
  • Kharkiv
  • Odessa
  • Zaporizhzhia
  • Lviv
  • Mykolaiv
  • Mariupol
  • Uzhgorod
  • Vinnitsa 
  • Poltava
  • Dnipropetrovsk
  • Chernihiv

Also, you can easily get acquainted with a Ukrainian girl in one of these places:

Cafe. A cafe is a good place to meet and communicate with Ukrainian women. People usually come there to relax a bit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. You can manage to get to know a girl while she sits alone and drinks tea. In addition, if she likes you, this evening can be translated into a first date, you won't even need to go anywhere.

Shopping malls. Ukrainian ladies go crazy with shopping. Shopping malls are a very convenient place to meet girls, because a huge number of people visit commercial centers every day, especially pretty young ladies. Choosing a few of them and trying to get to know someone will not be difficult for you, as women have free time while they are shopping, and their mood at the moment of choosing a new thing is most often looks like this “Oh! How beautiful and attractive I will be if I buy this...” And here you are – like a magic mirror of her dreams!

Special interest clubs. There are several advantages to such clubs. Firstly, this is a completely new place, which is visited by unfamiliar girls. Secondly, you can choose a club that is interesting to you, and then you can definitely be sure that you and a girl you like to have something in common. Of course, it is better not to choose clubs for men, because not so many Ukrainian girls are interested in, for example, fishing or shooting.

ukrainian women datingGym halls. Gyms are suitable for those men who are looking for a well-groomed, fit girl who loves to eat right and is ready to play sports together with a loved one. In gyms, you can always identify girls who came there just for meeting men: they are distinguished by beautiful hairstyle and makeup. In winter, you can meet a Ukrainian girl on a skating rink, on skis, and so on – in general, one who loves sports but outside the gym.

Book forums and shops. If a girl visits such places, it means that she is smart and definitely loves to read. Also, you can find out about her character and interests based on the literature she chooses.

Cosmetics and perfumery shops. The formula for success is simple – approach a girl you like with plaintive eyes and ask her to help you choose a delicious perfume, and while talking, you can ask her out on a date in gratitude for her help. This is of the best ways to start dating Ukrainian women!

Making first steps

Now, let’s assume you have found a beautiful Ukrainian lady and it is time to think of the interplay. As you already know, Ukrainians are gorgeous, yet keep away from falling in love with just her photo. You must get to know each other well enough before making any further decisions. What should you talk with a Ukrainian girl about? Well, the range of topics is extremely wide – from gardening to international politics. Ukrainian women are intelligent and eager to know everything that is going on in the world. On the other hand, there are some significant things they love discussing. First, show your interest in what she finds amazing – her hobbies, favorite books and movies, some events etc. Ask about her feelings and impressions, dreams and plans. In your turn, tell her about your life and worldview. To make a long story short, communicate and interact as much as possible, for that is the basis for a healthy relationship between a man and a woman. Second, get aware of her family. Slavs are very fond of their dear ones, and your companion is probably no exception. Ask if she has children or not; if yes, become curious about them. You know, being affectionate is a solid way to win her heart. Third, try to find out more about her country. Ukrainian women are fervent patriots, so your friend will be proud and happy to tell you everything.

Important facts about Ukrainian ladies

If you are going to date a Ukrainian woman, there are some essential things to consider. What you must know is that Ukrainian women struggle to meet a lifetime soulmate. Taking this into account, think carefully about your purposes. Can you offer her what she deserves? That is not so much, indeed: she just wants to feel loved and secured, to have the mutual understanding and harmony between you two. Manly behavior, decisiveness, and loyalty are the features a Ukrainian lady seeks in their husband-to-be. In a relationship, her major intention will be to make her man happy, so she will gladly do everything to please you. Yet in return, she will suppose you to treat her with all possible tenderness and respect. Ukrainians typically combine two contrasting features of character: they are family-oriented and hardworking at the same time. They are well-educated, intelligent and have certain career ambitions, and, simultaneously, committed spouses and wonderful mothers. So if you expect a Ukrainian lady to become your personal housekeeper and no one more, you`d better look for some other candidates.

Moreover, a man can always be proud of a Ukrainian woman when they are in the company of other people (relatives or strangers). In modern parlance, good manners are rarely associated with classical etiquette. First of all, it is natural, benevolent behavior and elementary rules of politeness: goodwill, competent speech, and the ability to calmly listen to the interlocutor and maintain a conversation. Such Ukrainian women characteristics make a good impression on the surrounding men. She will never scandalize or screw the brains of her beloved man (especially in public). Ukrainian ladies know that it is taboo in a quarrel with a man.

And of course, everyone knows that Ukrainian women are incredibly hot and sexy. They do not even need to wear low necklines or miniskirts for men to see it. Ukrainian girls have amazing natural beauty and attractiveness. However, they do not spend huge amounts of money on cosmetics but prefer moderate everyday makeup.

Distant relationships: pitfalls and solutions

A modern Ukrainian lady has a healthy self-esteem and does not like to be regarded as internet girls. Communicating via the Internet is enticing and seems to be full of surprises. Despite all these advantages, it cannot last for long without any “bigger” purpose. We do not suggest you will tie the knot witha woman after two-month chatting, but an in-person meeting has to take place sooner or later. Strictly speaking, it is not enough to merely write online letters. To get closer, communicate via Skype and send each other pictures from your daily life. Ukrainian girls generally do not appreciate short-time affairs. Having a strong family is their core interest in dating a man online. Thus, if you feel that some woman is right for you, it is a sign you must take a trip to Ukraine and test your connection. This is actually the only way to make sure your bond may become something greater. Another scenario is to invite her to your place, but it may turn out to be quite hard to comprehend. The citizens of Ukraine need visas to go to Western Europe or the USA, so you will have to face massive bureaucracy. Moreover, your partner may feel uncomfortable to go so far abroad to encounter a man for the first time. That means you will show your quality by visiting your potential girlfriend in her mother country.

Beware of scam!

In the end, we warn you not to trust the first available web service. Globalization causes the online dating industry boost. Scammers follow the latest trends and exploit perpetually developing communication means to fool users. They create fake profiles and start chatting with twenty men at the same time in an attempt to gain from their generosity. Most likely, Ukrainian girls awaiting their true love will not hunt for your wealth or foreign passport. In fact, you do not have to be a billionaire or a Hollywood star to attract a Ukrainian woman. You can detect fraud by certain signs. For instance, you should be cautious about a woman who:

  • insists that you send her expensive gifts or even money;
  • wants to contact you via email only;
  • refuses to meet in real life;
  • pushes you to disclose some private information.

Now, you know how to recognize scammers on a sign site. But how can you protect yourself from them? There are some helpful tips on how to avoid scammers:

The first thing to realize: when registering on a dating service, you post information that is available to everyone. So when filling out the questionnaire on a site, think about your acquaintances and family, and indicate information that will not compromise you in any way. The same rule applies to photographs.

It is better not to connect your dating profile with your social media accounts. When registering on a dating service, do not use your official or corporate email – your real name and surname are indicated there.

You should take into account that it is extremely difficult to prevent the publication of harmful materials about you, so do not rush to share your phone, house, or apartment numbers with a new acquaintance. The same applies to sexual preferences and heart-to-heart conversations. The conversation can be structured in such a way that you will not even notice how you tell the most intimate secrets to a stranger.

Experts advise not to delay with virtual chat conversations, and, if possible, move on to video communication. If you are going to meet someone from a dating site, do it in public places.

Armed with this guide, you will not face a lot of trouble on your way to happiness with a nice and gracious Ukrainian lady. Just keep our advice in mind and listen to your heart, so you will never fail!

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I have been dating online for a long time. Now I know that proper communication is key to a girl’s heart. And yep, men should be more interested in the girl’s personality and family.
16.07.2020 14:42
My girlfriend is from Ukraine. We met in Chernigov, and I can say for sure that in this city, there are a lot of attractive girls who lead an active lifestyle and take care of their figures. In addition, it is a very beautiful and old city that is interesting to discover.
02.12.2020 13:57
Once I fell for the trick of Internet scammers. I communicated with a girl from Russia on a dating site, we supposedly liked each other, and were going to meet in real life. She asked me to transfer her a thousand dollars for tickets. But when I sent her money, she disappeared. Be careful!
02.12.2020 13:57
In fact, there are a large number of scammers out there on modern dating sites. These people have no sympathy at all as they profit from single users who are trying to find their love and be happy. So it is very important to follow the rules of safety in order to protect yourself.
02.12.2020 13:58
I met the girl of my dreams at a recreation park. This was completely unexpected for me, because I usually get acquainted with girls in other places. I was jogging and saw her reading a book on a bench. I took a seat next to her and started a conversation. So, we have been dating for a year now.
02.12.2020 13:58

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