Signs of a good first date


Too often, we have high expectations for the first date with a person who is of interest to us. We spend a lot of time preparing for the first date because men need to plan everything, to make sure that a girl won’t be disappointed. Of course, both men and women worry a lot before the first dates. They usually tend to expect a lot not only from their first date but also from what should happen next. This is why so many people want to learn how to tell if a first date went well. In this article, we are going to show you not only the list of signs the first date went well but also a good date checklist. Thus, you can check if your date was remarkably good or not.

Don’t worry if your date wasn’t as good as you would like it to be. Nothing is perfect, but if a girl still texts you and still wants to have a second date, then it means that you still have chances. If you believe that you failed your first date, then you can try to meet a girl now, to get a second chance to make a perfect first date. If you have already visited all hot women dating sites, and have found a beautiful foreign girl, then read this article to avoid problems and find out for sure whether your first date was nice or not.

how to know if a first date went well

First Date Analysis

The first date is an unforgettable time when your butterflies in the stomach make you feel so light and energetic. Especially if you are going to date a girl about whom you have dreamed for a very long time. And when this amazing first date ends, you suffer from doubts if everything was nice and want to know how to tell when the first date went well. First of all, you should know that dating is a gradual process. Each date is preparation for the next one, and it is worth remembering that another person may need more time to prepare for a possible start of a relahottionship. So if a girl answers your calls and messages, then this is a very good sign, but to make sure that you still have chances with her, you should analyze your first date, find the main mistakes and avoid them in the future. You should understand your impressions and what kind of continuation these relationships will have.

Where to begin?

So, you know that you surely need to analyze your first date, to turn your “I think the first date went well” into “I know the first date went well.” In this case, there are signs that confirm whether the other person liked it. To do this, you need to answer the following questions.

How do you feel about him or her?

Did you like her behavior and her reactions to your jokes, actions, presents, words, etc? If you did, then it means that she behaved very friendly with you, and probably she liked you too. If she was open to you, this displays that you have a mutual interest in each other. People never open to those they don't like.

What impression does he or she have about you?

It is very important to analyze your own behavior because your actions say way more about you than anything else. It is important to at least look confident during your first date. For example, if on your first date, you looked too worried, she may believe that you are not a very self-confident person. In this case, it will be much harder to have a second date with her.

How not to be subjective?

If you want to communicate with people and want to do it as efficiently as possible, you need to be objective, but in addition to this, understand how others perceive you. Sometimes we cannot reach an agreement just for this reason, so practice as often as possible. We will give you three tips, following which you can perceive a person (or event) more adequately and objectively. Observe more and talk less about the conclusions you have come to. These are two consecutive processes, but you should definitely avoid sharing conclusions with others. Observation is just a description of what you heard and noticed, while the conclusion is your interpretation based on cognitive distortions, stereotypes, and beliefs. This is especially important when you have a first date because it is your best opportunity to show a girl how nice you are.

best first date went well but no kissAnother important matter is to describe your partner's reaction to yourself. Of course, you should do it only when you are alone. You should simply tell yourself, “On our first date she didn't eat much, it means that she was either on diet or didn’t like the place." When describing another person, don’t use words “he or she never” and “he or she always,” instead say “more or less.” Describe more than evaluate. Don’t rely on black-and-white thinking where all people are “bad” or “good,” and “virtuous” or “evil.”

First Date Checklist

As we have mentioned before, the first date pays a crucial role in building your relationships. So, of course, you will ask, “How do I know if the first date went well?” To help you know for sure that your first date was perfect, we are going to give you a small checklist. Compare this list to your date to know for sure if you were good at your first date or not.

1. Neither you nor she wanted to use your phones

We all know that checking the phone during a date is rude, but we often neglect this rule because we want to avoid an awkward pause or to escape from the boredom on the date. Sometimes girls start using their phones to show their men that they don’t like the date and want to leave, but they don’t know how to do it politely. The date was definitely successful when you realize that you didn't use the phone in the last couple of hours. If you have a burning desire to check Instagram (or notice that your partner does it), you may be not the perfect match.

2. You added each other on social networks

It is unlikely that a person who doesn't like you will ask about how to find you on Facebook or any other social network or messenger. Most likely, he or she will simply delete your phone number and forget you forever. So if you received a friend request from a girl after your first date, then you can count on continuous communication. The same works if she answers your messages with big messages. If she uses just “Ok, fine, nice to hear that,” and other “simple answers,” then it is clear that she is not interested in you.

3. You talked about your plans for the future

For example, about the next time, you visit a new exhibition in an art gallery or go to a concert of a group that you both like. Such spontaneous decisions, firstly, indicate that you have found common hobbies, and secondly, this is the surest sign that you will have a second date. Don't rely on this one, if after your conversation you messed up and your date ended up bad.

4. She allowed you to help and accompany her

This means that she really trusts you, likes your company, and wants to spend as much time with you as possible. Especially if she decided to take a longer route home. Don’t be afraid if she just walked away or took a taxi even if everything else was fine. Not every girl is ready to show someone where she lives right after the first date. Now, you can understand how nice and important it was that she allowed you to take her home.

5. Writing her is not hard for you

Here we are talking about how easy texting and calling her is for you. Of course, you still can be worried when you text or call her. But this doesn’t have to be fear. If, after your first date, you exchanged numbers and started communication, and now you keep calling each other and send messages about various topics, then you know that she is really interested in you. Add a huge plus here, if it is easy for both of you to communicate with each other.

Body Language: What Is Worth Paying Attention to

Most men usually never wonder what this or that female word or gaze could mean. It is enough just to know that she feels well with you so that she will easily agree to go with you on the second date. Usually, women pay more attention to details and can recall all the nuances of the first date. The brains of men are focused on separating important and secondary tasks. Men often don't take into account the subtleties of non-verbal communication: gestures, looks, facial expressions. For them, these are just additional nuances, the reliability of which they doubt, unlike women, who unquestionably have the upper hand here.

How to Read Random Gestures and Facial Expressions

Many people ask us, "My best first date went well, but no kiss followed. Does it mean that it was a disaster?" The best way how to know if a first date went well is to be able to read random gestures and facial expressions. Many different studies scientifically approach reading gestures and facial expressions. But mentioning every single detail will take too much time, so we will discuss only the most important ones.

Gestures: when you are talking on a date with a girl, lean forward slightly, this shows genuine interest. When a girl speaks, you should nod and smile to let her know that you are interested in what she is saying. In addition to gestures, you should pay attention to her poses. If she sits with her cheek resting on her arm, most likely, she is distracted from your conversation and thinks about something else. To confirm your assumptions, pay attention to her sight. A person who is not interested in spending time with you will have “empty eyes,” it would seem that she is completely in some other place.

how do i know if the first date went wellFace: natural laughter helps be happy and is a genuine sign of a relaxed state of your partner. But if she laughs too much without any reason, this means that she tries to reduce the stress because she doesn’t feel comfortable. The same applies to her smile. The more she smiles, the more unnatural her smile is. Usually, people are not afraid to demonstrate their real emotions when they feel comfortable.

Eyes: pay attention to her pupils. The bigger they are, the more interesting she thinks you are. Plus, if she is listening to you with her eyes wide open, it means that she wants to look more beautiful to attract your interest. Also, if she likes you too, first of all, she will avoid directly looking in your eyes. Secondly, she will often look at you, but will never keep her sight on you for too long.

Hidden Signs That Tell Your First Date Went Well

Among obvious signs a first date went well, there are also hidden ones. Here we are talking about signs that people usually completely forget. Thus, if you thought the first date went well, but you still think that something was wrong, you can check these signs too to make sure that everything was completely fine. Remember, you should apply all signs and parts of our checklist in a combination since none of those signs mean a thing alone.

1. The date lasted longer than expected

One of the main signs that the first date went well is that it lasted longer than you had expected. Everything is simple here since no one wants to have a long bad date. Therefore, if a girl agreed to drink coffee or take a walk after the planned part of your date ended, you can be sure this is a good sign, and she is interested in you.

2. You both had something to say

We all, at some point in our lives, had to spend time with very selfish personalities who only speak about themselves. But there is another type of personality too. Those people simply don’t talk at all. Thus, it is very hard to understand what their moods and thoughts really are. If you and your girlfriend managed to maintain a normal dialogue, it means that you both respect each other, and what is more important, you are mutually interested in each other.

3. Your senses of humor match

The same sense of humor is one of the main signs of a special connection between people. Besides, when we sympathize with a person, we often laugh at their jokes. Therefore, if you managed to make your companion laugh with a funny story, then you are definitely on the right track to winning their hearts. Well, if you laughed together and perfectly understood each other's jokes, then you can be sure that the date passed well.

4. You looked into each other's eyes

Looking in each other’s eyes is not only polite but also is one of the signs of sympathy between people. Girls who only interested in a one-night stand will be paying too much attention to your body, but a girl who has romantic feelings for you will look into your eyes. Often people avoid looking at each other for long, but they always do this again very soon. If your girlfriend looked into your eyes on your first date, but she never did it for too long, this means that she is very interested in you.

5. Both of you were not afraid of physical contact

You touched her hand when you helped her get out of the car, or she allowed you to touch her shoulders when you helped her with a jacket. All these subtle and very modest touches should excite and stir up interest. If non-verbal communication was present on your first date, that’s fine. No one talks about kisses and hugs, but light tactile contact is an ideal indicator of interest and trust.

As you can see, there are a huge amount of ways and tools for how you can understand whether your date was perfect or not. In any case, you should never be afraid and depressed. Even if yesterday you messed up with your first date with a girl, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow, you won’t be able to change everything. Remember, you should learn from mistakes in this life. Yes, often mistakes hurt, especially in dating, and this is normal, you can’t avoid making them. But it is up to you to learn from them and avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. An evening spent together could strengthen the desire for a shared future. But there is also the opposite result when it becomes extremely clear that interest will forever remain at the level of friendship.

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It can be easily understood by communication after the first date. If a person willingly communicates with you and shows interest in your personality, it means that the date went well.
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