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Nobody’s immune to adultery, including you. It happens. Maybe you don’t want to know anything about it, but if your partner is unfaithful, it's better to find out the truth. If you have suspicions that your loved one is no longer loyal to you, then take a look at these 10 signs she is cheating. If you recognize your girlfriend by at least four of them, then we have bad news for you: she has an affair on the side. However, don’t forget that the most reliable proof is a woman caught red-handed. Read carefully to know if she is cheating and using online dating apps and sites.

signs your girlfriend is cheating

Why women cheat

Both men and women begin looking for a new partner because they lack something in the relationship. The need to fill this gap often leads to adultery, and then to a painful breakup. Here are five main reasons why women cheat.

1) Lack of communication

Ladies stick to a relationship because they feel the emotional and physical connection with a partner. For a woman, this connection plays a very important role. When she feels the distance between her and her partner, the feeling of intimacy disappears, creating perfect conditions for a possible affair that, in its turn, easily transforms into a physical attraction.

2) Revenge

This is not a very popular reason, but in about 1 case out of 5, women, who cheat, do this because of the desire to take revenge on their partners. This can be revenge for certain actions or behavior, as well as wrong or bad treatment. Many women admit that their affairs were a deliberate payback for their partners not taking part in their lives. Others say that they cheated on their loved ones in retaliation for unjustified expectations from Valentine's Day, Birthday, or another memorable date. And the last but not least, some women cheat because their partners are constantly busy at work or don’t help about the house.

3) Bad sex

It's not a secret that the constant stress and fast-paced rhythm of modern life lead to problems in sex life. The lack of passionate sex is one of the reasons for a woman to cheat. Men usually complain about the quantity of sex, while women are concerned mostly about its quality. Therefore, ladies often refer to the lack of sex to justify their affairs.

4) Self-esteem

For girls, the easiest way to boost self-esteem is to feel that other men want her. It’s this logic that women are guided by when cheating on their loved ones. It’s important for them to understand that they still got it. Do you remember when the last time you made your girlfriend a compliment was? How often do you remind her that she’s beautiful? Do you still make presents for her? And what about your sex life? If you don’t take good care of your partner, your attitude may become one of the signs she's cheating.

5) Jealousy

Yes, it sounds a bit paradoxical, but your groundless jealousy can one day lead to unpleasant consequences. If you control her like crazy, she’ll get sick of it eventually. No matter how faithful she is, no girl can stand such treatment. Don’t rush to blame her for what she might not have done yet. Just think about how annoying your constant doubts are. Learn to control your jealousy and don’t let it destroy your relationship.

Do men or women cheat more?

According to statistics, men cheat two and sometimes four times more often than women. At the same time, girls are more likely to forgive their partners, unlike guys, for whom female infidelity is the most compelling reason to break up. The reasons for cheating also differ.

When it comes to men, cheating isn’t always physical. They prefer flirting and sexting on social networks. Such people don’t want to put their settled life at risk for the sake of cloudy prospects, and thanks to them, the statistics of male cheating doesn’t get too ugly.

For men, intimate relationships are more important than for women, and it’s a common fact. That’s the reason why they choose a lover not by physical appearance but rather by sexual attraction. And yet, for some reason, having a long-term partner isn’t enough for them.

How often women cheat

Despite that men are prone to polygamy, female adultery is also a common thing today. Modern women have the same attitude towards sex as men. Some of them cheat 1-2 times a month (maybe once in half a year), but they do it because they simply don’t have enough diversity in life. There’s a type of girls, for whom one partner isn’t enough, and they need much more to get everything they want.signs your spouse is cheating

For some ladies, cheating is a way of life. They cheat on their boyfriends and spouses for different reasons. It's even easier for them to make such step if their new lover is more successful than their current partner. Or they can be exactly the same, but the lover is more romantic and affectionate. But in most cases, they just want to experience something new.

If a potential lover offers the girl something she lacks in the relationship or wants at the moment, she’ll follow him. Even though the new man may be, in fact, much worse than her current partner, he still can win her heart just by making a couple of compliments she hasn’t heard for a long time. In this case, the act of cheating can hardly be called intentional. Usually, it happens just once.

Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

So, what are signs your girlfriend is cheating on you? Here they are.

10) She accuses you of cheating

Often, people, who accuse others of being unfaithful, are unreliable or actually cheat themselves and become paranoid because of the fear of being caught (therefore, they accuse you before you blame them). Cheaters usually do their best to evade suspicions and sometimes give too much importance to minor details. They shy away from questions, and this is just one of a small list of things they can do to steer clear of accusations. Moreover, they begin to pay too much attention to everything you do and people you hang out with.

9) She behaves differently in bed

If you no longer satisfy her in bed, this is not necessarily a sign that she doesn’t enjoy sex anymore. She probably no longer enjoys sex with you. When you move from regular sex to one-two times a month, then something’s clearly wrong. If other signs (like if she’s keeping a distance, doesn’t have time for you, or lies about where she is at the moment) weren’t convincing enough, then this should confirm all your doubts, as it’s one of the solid signs your spouse is cheating.

8) She keeps talking about that new friend of hers

She can’t stop talking about her new friend and constantly refers to him as if she spends all her free time with him. What does she have in common with this guy? Sure, this is not the reason to say that whenever she meets a new guy, she’ll want to sleep with him, but when the girl, who has a boyfriend, starts hanging out with new ‘friends’ and gives her phone number to random guys on the street, this is not right. She may not want to cheat you, but remember that all these guys she flirts with are unlikely to be interested in her only as a good friend.

7) She always criticizes you

Had a huge fight just because you lost her comb? Wonder why she suddenly began yelling at you for the mess in your house (but she never cared about it)? This can be one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. It’s likely that she’s simply looking for a way to get out of the relationship and needs a scapegoat, or, maybe, she’s collecting arguments. When the moment comes, she’ll remember every time you lost her things or made a mess out of her apartment just to say that you don’t respect her, and your relationship is over.

6) She wants to take a break

How to tell if a girl is cheating? She says that she needs a break. This basically means that she wants to see if she can find someone better but doesn’t want to feel guilty for cheating on you. And it’s normal to suggest that when (if ever) you get together again, you’ll have a lot of questions that won’t be answered because your partner doesn’t have to explain anything to you; you had a break, didn’t you?

5) She doesn’t always answer the calls in front of you

Her phone’s ringing, and you’re asking if she’s going to answer. In response, she simply ignores the call. Yeah, let's pretend you didn’t hear anything and just keep watching Game of Thrones. She always answered the phone in front of you, but now it seems that any call or message is the strictest secret. She wants to leave the room to answer the call but realizes how strange it will look, and you notice panic in her eyes when she sees who’s calling her. Not good. By the way, if she always yells at you when you touch her phone, this can be one of the Facebook cheating signs.

4) Her appearance has changed a little

She began to worry more about how she looks: she wears sexy outfits, has a brighter makeup, or she bought a couple of brand-new makeup sets. She wants to be sure that she’ll look great if she runs from you to her new lover, or, perhaps, she has already paid him a visit on her way to you. This may as well be one of the signs she is cheating with a coworker. She may also look physically exhausted and emotionally depressed. Cheating takes a lot of strength, both physical and mental, so she’ll either look exhausted or hide it all under a layer of make-up and brand new clothes.women who cheat

3) She asks you to spend more time with your friends

If she calls you fifty times a day to just say something sweet and find out how you’re doing, it’s a sign that she wants to spend every minute of her time with you. When she suddenly stops surrounding you with her attention and care encouraging you to spend more time with your buddies instead, this should become a cause for concern. Remember, people don’t usually switch from the state when they want to be with you all the time to a state when ignoring each other for a couple of days is normal.

2) She’s distancing from your family and friends

A cheating partner will gradually distance from your mutual friends and relatives, saying that she has a lot of work to do or she’s tired and doesn’t want to meet anyone, and so on. There’s one simple explanation to such behavior – it’s one of the signs of guilt after cheating. She’s hurt by her actions, so she tries not to get involved into your life so that you don’t get hurt in the end as well. However, it’s worth mentioning that a woman won’t feel any remorse or regret her actions if she has no deep feelings for her partner.

1) She avoids you

She has no desire to spend time with you because she’s busy, she doesn’t feel good, and so on. Avoidance is always a bad sign, and if she avoids you, then something serious is happening in her life, and she can’t involve you in this. It can be anything. For instance, she may simply change her attitude towards you, or this can be a sign that she’s not telling something.

Unfortunately, such behavior may also tell that something’s missing in your relationship, or the things aren’t as great as they used to be; maybe she lacks attention, or maybe her parents hate you, and she's afraid to tell you about it. Maybe she wants more fun, but most likely, she's just tired of having you as her boyfriend.

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating online

Is flirting online cheating? Well, a kind of. Sometimes people in a relationship become attracted to someone else. Even if there is no physical closeness with someone, emotions erode trust in a couple. To understand if your woman cheats on you online, look at her behavior. She may distance herself from you, constantly texting or calling someone, hiding something:

Check her browser

When thinking about how to know for sure if a woman is cheating, you need to check her browser. As soon as you manage to get to the phone, tablet, or computer that your woman used an hour or a minute ago, it may turn out that the history of visits has been deleted. If a person wants to delete one or two links to sites that seem unpleasant or unacceptable, then it is okay. And in case of infidelity, everything will be cleared since the check will reveal incriminating evidence.

Check her social media

When looking for ways to be sure to determine if a woman is cheating online, it is worth looking into her social media. Couples often know the passwords of their soulmates’ pages. This doesn’t mean that a woman or a man corresponds daily on behalf of each other, but the level of trust provides this. Finding that access to the page is now closed, it is worth worrying. Life on the Internet is unpredictable. Perhaps the change was forced by a hack. However, you can find out for sure that the woman is faithful if she provides you a new password. But if she changes all the passwords, this clearly indicates the need to hide information.

Watch her behavior when she is chatting with someone

Aggression or nervousness when you approach her when she is chatting is an alarming sign. If the woman is typing a message to a friend or colleague, then there is no concern that the man will see the text. But attempts to close the browser, lock the phone, or turn the monitor away are clear signs of hiding the truth, which suggests that the woman is almost certainly cheating on you.

Ask a woman to show you the phone

Previously her phone was lying around but now they are always together like “best friends”, she even takes it to the toilet, fearing to leave the phone “alone” with you. She tries not to answer calls and messages in front of you, for example, she may cover the phone screen with her hand from your curious or even indifferent eyes. And with every call, she shudders anxiously. The reasons for this behavior are not explained or given dubious explanations in her favor.

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I realized that my girlfriend was cheating on me when she started to receive calls from unknown numbers. At the same time, she didn’t tell me who was calling or ignored the calls at all.
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