15 Important Red Flags in Dating a Woman


Did you know that your irresistible desire to have a romantic partner is crucial for your survival? According to scientists and sociologists, those who are successful in their love affairs are much more effective at other tasks. Of course, this could happen because two people in love, while forming a couple, become a team that acts together on achieving common goals. Thus, those who are successful in love also have the upper hand in every aspect of their lives. So, your desire to start dating a woman is normal and serves not only to deal with loneliness but also to make you more successful in life.

As you may have guessed, not every partner can make your life better, and your actions more effective. If you don't manage to find a good partner and decide to date anyone, you won't become more successful but make your life worse, and your actions will become less effective. Not without reason, some people say that your partner is a second you. According to all the above mentioned, we can say that finding a perfect partner is a very hard task. Because of this fact, we have so many dating red flags that should help us understand whether this partner is suitable for us or not.

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What Are the Red Flags in Dating a Woman?

In simple words, various red flags in dating are just small signs that you can use to understand that there is something wrong with this person and that you should avoid dating him or her. We should mention that all humans have their dating red flags. While something is inappropriate for others, you may feel comfortable with it. For example, there are chances that for a vegan girl, who searches for a boyfriend, his dietary habits may be a red flag. But is this only about our dating preferences?

Of course not, because our dating preferences are things that make us enjoy our romantic relationships even more. For example, you like blonds, but not that long ago, you have met a brilliant girl, but, unfortunately, she is a brunette. Is this one of the early red flags in dating? Of course not, even though her hair color doesn't seem perfect to you, you still both can be happy because, first, she can easily change it, and secondly, because this fact won't prevent you from being happy. On the other hand, let's imagine when a girl doesn't want a relationship, in this case, her fear of relationships is clearly among dating red flags for guys.

So, What Are Red Flags in Dating?

As you can see red flags for dating are signs that show you that you should avoid dating this or that person because of major differences between you. Also, some of the red flags in dating a woman show you that she may be selfish, aggressive, or even mentally unstable. Of course, you still can try to date this person, but at least, by analyzing all the red flags before dating her, you will know what you are dealing with in this specific situation with this particular person. Further, in this article, we are going to share with you the list of dating red flags that you should never ignore.

Dangers of Ignoring Early Dating Red Flags

As you are well aware, there are many various dating red flags to look for in a woman, and all those red flags can tell you whether you should date this person or not. Of course, when you meet someone who (at this moment) seems special, you will want to forget about all those red flags, believing that you will easily deal with every problem. The truth, I'm afraid, is more prosaic, since only a few couples can be happy and deal with all problems that appear after ignoring red flags.

red flags before datingTo show you why ignoring red flags can be dangerous, let's take our small example that we have already used to explain the difference between personal preferences and red flags. Imagine that you have met a girl who doesn't want to have romantic relationships, and she has made it clear to you. Also, she seems pretty okay and happy when she is hanging out with you, but you see that she doesn't want to make your relationship exclusive. What this whole situation means, and how should you behave? If you try to date her, you will only fall in love with her even more, but she has already told you that she doesn't want romantic relationships. In this case, by trying to insist on having a relationship, you will only have a breakup of your no-existent relationship.

So, as you can see, your desire to be with someone, who for some reason, is marked with a red flag, may cause a lot of moral pain. Thus, it is better to avoid those people at all. Remember, at the beginning of romantic relationships, people often wear pink glasses, and believe that their partners are perfect. But with time, you will begin to notice more and more problems between you two, and sooner or later, those problems will destroy your relationship. Generally, the longer you are in relationships, the harder the breakup will be, and if your relationships are unhealthy, then love will inevitably perish, sooner or later.

5 First Date Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

At the beginning of this article, we promised that we would share 5 red flags for dating a woman that you can notice right on the first date. In this part of our article, we will fulfill this promise and will explicitly explain to you why those red flags are important and what you should do when you notice them. Of course, you are a free person, and these are no strict rules but our general recommendations. In your life, you can do whatever you feel fit in this or those situations, but we recommend you to be very careful when you notice even one of those flags.

She was late or canceled/rescheduled the date for no reason

You can notice this red flag even before the actual date. You see, if your girlfriend canceled or, rescheduled the date with you for no reason, then it may mean that she has some problems, and she doesn't want to share them with you. This is fine, since we all may have some problems. But if she does this for more than two times, then you should run away from her.

She is arrogant or rude to other people

I think that the rules of common decency are for everyone. If you see that your new girlfriend behaves rude and aggressive, you should as gently as possible, explain to her that this is inappropriate for you. If, after your protest, she continues to do so, you should end your date and leave.

She mentions her past relationships

When you go on a date with someone, you expect that you both will have fun together. You are not friends, and you will never be because you are planning to become something more. If she tells you about her ex-relationships on the first date, it only means that she is not ready to be something more for you.

She asks too many personal questions

Various person questions are the most obvious red flags in relationships when dating, especially at the beginning. Your romantic partner will share with you everything that he or she wants to share. Asking questions, you will only create tension between you. Thus, if this happens to you, and you are getting bombarded with various questions, you should try to talk about this with your partner, or even leave her once and for all.

She doesn't respond to your jokes

Humor is a very important part of human relationships and interactions. By finding common jokes, we get closer. So, if your new girlfriend never responds to your jokes, it is either you have problems with the sense of humor, or she has problems with her attitude to you. In both cases, you should act to change this situation.

Early Red Flags in a Relationship to Notice

Thankfully there are also red flags in dating that may help you understand that you should stay away from this or that person even before the beginning of your relationships with this or that person. Of course, you should know them to be successful in dating. After a couple of terrible dates, it is very easy to persuade yourself that you are a loser and don't deserve happiness. While in real life, the reason lies not in you, but in your choice of partners, whom you have decided to meet, because you weren't able to recognize important red flags.

She tells she has too many problems and they are very personal

Let her live with her problems, because people who have them, usually, can't build healthy relationships until they solve those "very personal" problems. Remember, you are not a professional, and you won't be able to help her. By trying to do this, you will only make everything worse, and she may even begin to blame you for her new problems.

She doesn't respect your boundaries

Respect is very important in any romantic relationship. If your new girlfriend doesn't respect your boundaries, there is no guarantee that she will change someday. Thus, you can't afford to waste your time on those romantic partners with whom you will never be able to build a healthy love and relationship.

She changes her mind and interests very often

This is a clear sign of her immaturity or big personal problems. No matter what makes her change her mind and interests so often, you must move forward, because this is not your problem. Even if you want to help her, then the only thing you can do is to recommend her a good specialist.

She avoids serious discussions

Another important aspect that indicates heath of the relationship between two people is their ability to have serious conversations. No matter how much you love each other, there will always be some problems, and your ability to have a discussion is crucial in solving them. Remember, no serious discussions mean no serious relationship.

red flags in relationships when datingShe criticizes you too much

It is pretty normal when your romantic partner criticizes you a little bit. He or she does this because they want you to become a better person. But if your new girlfriend criticizes you too much, she may be searching for a reason to end your relationships, even online ones.

She hesitates to make your relationship exclusive

We have already mentioned this situation above. Remember, true love is about being special and exclusive for someone, and vice versa. Without this, you are just hanging out as friends or as someone else, but not as romantic partners who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

She starts love bombing

According to psychologists, a love bombing is a tool that helps people manipulate others. Also, love bombing usually indicates the beginning of abusive relationships. If this is your case, then the faster you will deal with this relationship, the sooner you will find someone new to be happy with.

She acts irresponsibly

People can behave irresponsibly for many various reasons, and you probably will never know what makes your new girlfriend act like that. But you definitely should know when and how you will put this whole situation to an end. Remember, irresponsible people, are not those with whom you can spend your whole life.

She is selfish in bed

Yes, nowadays, modern people tend to pay less and less attention to their sexual life, but sex is still crucial to our happiness. Thus, if you are not satisfied in bed, and your partner doesn't seem to be bothered by this fact, you should have a serious conversation with her, or just leave.

She can't forget her ex

Breaking up is very hard for everyone, and until the complete recovery, you won't be able to date anyone, because you will still have flashbacks about your old relationship and ex-partner. If you see that she is still suffering from her breakup, or just can't forget about her ex, then maybe you should remain friends.

Generally, red flags are great instruments to analyze your and your partner's behavior to understand whether you should date this person or not. Even though this whole article was about analyzing your new partner's behavior, you still can use our list of various red flags to analyze your behavior. By doing this, you will be able to find and eliminate your weak spots in dating. Also, there is another great mechanism that can help you become more successful in dating. Imagine how would you feel if you were your partner, how would you react to your actions and deeds if they were made or done by your partner.

At the end of this article, we also want to tell you not to be afraid to break up with unsuitable partners or refuse to go on dates with those whom you don't like. Choosing a romantic partner is too important to be done without caution. Often, this process takes a lot of time, but it pays off when you will finally manage to find a perfect partner. Although all our red flags are important, and you can't allow yourself to miss them in your new partner, you still should look for a combination of them. The more various red flags you see in your relationships with this or that person, the more reasons you have to end them.

Some believe that people can change, and those people are right, but there are always exceptions. If a person doesn't want to change, he or she will never become better, no matter how hard you try to help him or her. Thus, if even though you see many red flags, you want to try dating this person, you should make sure that he or she wants to be with you, and wants to take certain actions to make your relationship healthy and happy.

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