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  • 21.02.2023 Emotionally draining relationships, how do you fix them?
    If you tell yourself I feel emotionally drained in my relationship, you may be in an exhausting or toxic relationship. Many psychologists define a toxic relationship as "any relationship between people who do not support each other, where there is conflict, and one partner seeks to suppress the other, where there is competition, where there is disrespect and lack of cohesion."
  • 20.02.2023 How to End a Controlling or Manipulative Relationship?
    What is a manipulator in a relationship? The manipulator plays on feelings of fear or guilt, forcing us to act contrary to our interests. And if this is the closest relative, there is a great risk of living like this for years.
  • 15.02.2023 How to Be More Spontaneous in a Relationship
    There is no perfect relationship formula. Contrary to all the training and assurances of psychologists, there is no magic tool that will save any couple from parting.
  • 15.02.2023 Are Breaks Good For Relationships?
    Are breaks good for a relationship? It happens that a couple is going through hard times, but the separation is not discussed. Serious feelings are not scattered, even if the relationship has landed in a zone of severe turbulence.
  • 15.02.2023 Show the girl that you love her and are serious about her
    How to prove to your girlfriend you love her more? To deal with the effect, you need to know the cause.
  • 15.02.2023 How To Ask For Space in Relationships?
    Most loving couples are looking forward to the upcoming wedding and are preparing to plunge headlong into life together in the same house. They will have to share worries, duties, and life among themselves.
  • 14.02.2023 Why do girls like guys with glasses and find them interesting?
    Do girls like guys with glasses? There is something about men who wear spectacles. These mans with spectacles have a quirky, smart look. Whether wearing eyeglasses is related to vision problems, which in most cases it is, this accessory makes boys more interesting and makes ladies say I like guys with spectacles.
  • 14.02.2023 Tips On How To Overcome Social Awkwardness
    The perception that a person does not seem normal or social around other people leads to social discomfort. These emotions are frequently caused by a person's anxieties, worries about what other people may think of them, and societal expectations.
  • 14.02.2023 Top Reasons: Why did he choose her over you?
    Why did he chose her over me? What is wrong with me? Why did this happen to me? We will talk about the reasons for the emergence of a love triangle in this article. Every loving woman wants to be the only one for her man.
  • 25.01.2023 How Does Age-Gap Relationships Work?
    Even a very large age gap in a partnership has stopped shocking everyone. However, while many lovers end their relationships, not all couples with a significant age gap remain together until death separates them.
  • 24.01.2023 Best Lost Love Songs For A Broken Heart
    Parting is undoubtedly the hardest period in life, but also an opportunity to rethink the past and start living from scratch. It is easier to survive a breakup, and good music will help to gather inner strength.
  • 18.01.2023 After a breakup, how do you fall in love again?
    Can you fall back in love after a breakup? Before looking for love, you have to learn to live alone and work on yourself.
  • 18.01.2023 What Is Retroactive Jealousy In Relationships?
    What is retroactive jealousy? An increased interest in a partner's past romantic and sexual life is called retrospective jealousy or retroactive jealousy.
  • 20.12.2022 What is The Textual Relationship?
    What is a textationship? Long business trips, career prospects, the possibility of studying abroad, online dating, and pandemic-related quarantine restrictions are increasingly forcing lovers to sacrifice life under one roof in favor of long-distance relationships.
  • 16.12.2022 5 stages of relationship development for couples
    Love is unpredictable. While you are calculated by the stars when and under what circumstances you will meet “the one,” fate is preparing a completely different scenario for you: so it’s time to be prepared for the fact that your ideal partner can be found in the supermarket for a selection of cheese.
  • 14.11.2022 What Is Aromantic in a Relationship?
    What does aromatic mean? This is a person who does not feel romantic attraction to other people or shows feelings but is different from the stereotyped idea of ​​romance
  • 27.10.2022 Psychology of the Male Brain in Love: How Men Fall In Love?
    When a woman first sees a man, she involuntarily begins to evaluate him according to the following parameters: intelligence, opportunities, talents, and grooming.
  • 24.10.2022 The 6 Basic Types Of Romantic Relationships And How To Identify Your?
    What is a romantic relationship? Not all contacts are purely romantic. In various circumstances and situations, you have different kinds of relationships.
  • 21.10.2022 How To Deal With Relationship Anxiety?
    Anxiety at the beginning of a relationship can be a hindrance. Because of her, you begin to analyze every word said on a date and cancel the meeting at the last moment.
  • 21.10.2022 The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in relationships
    What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent? Intelligence is an important component of an educated person.
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