Most Romantic Cities: Top List for Your Couple


It can be a special date, which requires a special pastime, or you are going to take the most important step in your life and propose to her. Anyway, you are looking for the most romantic cities in the world to do everything right and get the desired answer. Planning a joint holiday with a beloved one, you strive to go to some special place, which you will not want to leave, and where every day will be a real fairy tale. However, what country should you choose for a romantic trip to make it unforgettable? Where should you go with your soulmate to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of carefree romance? In the world, there are places, which are created for your best romantic weekend.

1. Valencia


Valencia is called the younger sister of Barcelona. This cozy city is located somewhere between the capital of Catalonia and the city of Alicante. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and one of the romantic cities in Europe. Thanks to the warm climate and the gentle waves of the Mediterranean, Valencia is the place, where you can go at any time of the year because every season is beautiful in its own way. In addition, there are no such crowds as in the same Barcelona, and the list of interesting activities and beautiful places does not concede to the latter one.

You will find quite many places with delicious food and interesting concepts. Go to the trendy region of Rusaf to feel a special atmosphere. Here you will find one of the most famous cafés Dulce de Leche and will be able to enjoy very tasty desserts and, of course, coffee. Valencia is an ancient and very beautiful city. You should take a walk around the center, admiring the local architecture, including the Cathedral. The square of the City Hall Plaza del Ayuntamiento is amazing thanks to a big number of flower shops, which fill the space with bright colors and fragrances.

2. Amsterdam


Photogenic and colorful Amsterdam is beautiful all year round. Even if you plan only a romantic weekend, you still have time to take a walk (or ride) along the canals, explore the Jordaan area, and visit one of the museums on the Museum Square (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Stedelijk), depending on what you like more. If you want to arrange an active rest, you can rent a bike and ride in Vondel Park. Pay special attention to De Pijp, Oud Zuid, Jordaan and the embankment of the Amstel River. It is best to feel the atmosphere of the city by walking along the canals of the city in the evening when they turn on the lights on bridges, and you can look at the windows of gingerbread houses and watch the life of the Dutch.

Walking in Amsterdam is a great pleasure. Each street here is unique in its own way, and you will find something interesting at every turn. Here, you will see many awesome houses and bicycles, visit unique local shops and cafes, and sit near the channel, enjoying a charming atmosphere of one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

3. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is a pearl of northern Norway. Rocky fjords, the Norwegian Sea, whales and killer whales, magnificent views and the unique red houses of residents make this area one of the most romantic places in Europe. On these islands, the season of comfortable and romantic yachting lasts from April to August. Besides, there is an amazing natural phenomenon, the whirlpool Mosstraumen. The nature of the Lofoten islands is beautiful and unforgettable thanks to gorgeous rocks and melted lakes with the purest turquoise water, which reflects the blue sky. The warm current of the Gulf Stream makes the climate on Lofoten much softer than in other parts of the world at the same latitude, and it seems like an ideal northern sailing trip.

4. Venice


The classical beauty of Venice won the hearts of many couples who were visiting this city, and where their feelings for each other became even brighter and stronger. The Venetian lagoon with its 118 islands is the place in which the romance itself was born, so it’s not surprising that it is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. The historical center of the city is located exactly on these islands as well as the famous canals and fascinating bridges, connecting them with each other. Venice is a wealth of architecture, history, and art, it is an international tourist center, which is capable of offering the most diverse program for organizing leisure activities.

When you please your eyes with the gondolas, take a picture in St. Mark's Square with pigeons, go to the highest observation tower of the bell tower, relax over a cup of coffee, you should try another way to fall in love with Venice even more. In small open bars, there is no wide choice of wine, and there are no tables with chairs, but you will be offered wine in a glass, which you can take and sit near the channel directly on the stone steps and enjoy the moment. Leave a romantic meal in the restaurant for the evening, and in the afternoon, have a lunch on one of the bridges. Walking along the Venetian streets, you can find enough grocery stores, in the windows of which you will find a big choice of cheeses, jerky, fresh rolls, and pickled appetizers.

5. Point Reуes Station

Point Reуes Station

Point Reуes Station is just north of San Francisco and is one of the most romantic US cities. This is the tacit retreat for a couple who like comfort as well as walking, hiking, and wildlife. In 10 miles away from Point Reуes Station, there is the Pacific Ocean where you can find seals and sea lions. You should definitely go to the Alamere Falls, there you will be able to enjoy an amazing waterfall, which goes down exactly to the beach. You can arrange a romantic picnic at its bottom. It will be a perfect adventure, which you can end with enjoying a stunning sunset. However, if you want to extend this charming moment, you can take a kayak, sail a little from the coast and watch the starry sky.

What can be more romantic? Besides, be sure to go to Tomales Bau and look at the bioluminescent plankton. It's just unforgettable. It seems that stars have been poured out into the water.

6. Strasbourg


Even if you have visited many Christmas markets in different cities and countries, you will not meet such beauty as in Strasbourg. This market has been awarded the title of the best Christmas market in Europe for several years, so this is one of the most romantic cities in Germany around Christmas.

People in Strasbourg are very serious about decorating streets and houses. Garlands and Christmas lights are hung on all the central streets of the city, and the houses are decorated with Christmas-tree toys of huge sizes. By the opening of the market, a 30-meter-long Christmas tree is brought to the main square of the city, this tradition has been kept since 1605. The market itself consists of 300 Christmas shops, which are located in 12 different districts of the city. You should definitely take a walk around the market near the cathedral at Place de la Cathedrale and Place Broglie. Until 1874, this cathedral was the tallest building in the world.

Just walk around the city, drink mulled wine and eat profiteroles, sprinkled with sugar pieces. Besides, if you are fans of skating, you will be able to visit the ice rink in Place Dauphine Square. What can be better than an amazing weekend with a beloved one in one of the romantic cities in Germany?

7. Cartagena


If you are looking for top romantic cities, then pay attention to Cartagena, Colombia. The average temperature is 30 degrees all year round, and there are no seasons. This city skillfully combines the architecture of the colonial Spain of the old city, hidden behind the walls and the books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and modern buildings with numerous hotels, malls and elite housing in the Bocagrande area. Talking about the activities in this sunny city, you should stay at least for one night in an old boutique hotel in the old town and feel like a member of some aristocratic family of Cartagena.

In the evening, you can go to the Getsemani area and enjoy a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. In the daytime, be sure to look at graffiti, and watch the performances of musicians and artists in the main square. You can grab an outside table and enjoy a warm Caribbean night to live music.

8. Florence


This is one of the most romantic places in Italy, which is famous for an invaluable cultural heritage, numerous sights, and several stunning observation platforms. Florence is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful European cultural centers. Going to Florence for a romantic getaway, you should be ready for long pleasant walking through the historic city center, excursions to the most famous art museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery, as well as to the fascinating shopping. In Florence, you will see many beautiful churches, temples, and palaces, museums and galleries, squares and bridges. One of the most famous bridges is the Old Bridge of Florence, on which today there are jewelry shops with beautiful jewels from all over the world.

9. Madrid


Just like Spain itself, Madrid is very bright and diverse. It combines large avenues with majestic buildings and quiet narrow streets with low dwelling houses. Madrid is one of the most romantic cities in Spain, where you can both get a "cultural shock" from art galleries and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Walking around the city, you cannot help being surprised how a small street is replaced by a spacious square with some monumental structure.

You will surely want to get lost with your beloved one here, getting away from the bustle. It is a perfect city to wander around the streets, visit numerous cafes and slowly sip coffee or sangria. Despite the metropolitan rhythm, people here are very calm and measured, and even dogs can fall asleep on the threshold of the master's shop at siesta time. In the evening, you can have dinner and enjoy the best flamenco in Spain in the restaurant Corral de la Moreria. In addition to delicious dishes, you will get a storm of emotions from the Spanish guitar, passionate dances and expressive singing. You will certainly not remain indifferent, being in one of the most romantic European cities.

10. Portland


If your ideal romantic journey has a British charm and a slight accent, if you like good beer and centuries-long history, pack your bags and go to one of the most romantic cities in the US. This small seaside fishing city in the U.S. state of Maine is famous for its history, excellent cuisine, picturesque views, breweries, and rich cultural life. It repeatedly got on all sorts of lists of the best cities for life, rest, gourmets and even for hipsters. So, blow off the dust of centuries from the historical details of the former English colony, walk to Fort Williams Park, imagining how Mr. Darcy and Agent Culper pass by, listen to the symphony orchestra, grab seafood at the Eventide Oyster Co., admire the famous lighthouse and drink a pint of Allagash enjoying the sunset.

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