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  • 23.12.2019 What to Do in Retirement: Tips for Relationships and Hobbies for Men
    Of course, we do not deny the benefit of spending time in the fresh air at a bed of cucumbers and tomatoes, oneness with the earth, and the passing life wisdom to grandchildren. Besides, do not forget that you can read news and interesting books and even though pensioners are no longer particularly interested in history and politics, it is useful to read books about historical and political events to maintain the relevance of knowledge as well as for the brain training.
  • 23.12.2019 Meeting her parents: how to behave?
    To find a common language with the parents of your beloved person is both a difficult and interesting task. It is not that easy as it might seem at first glance, but, nonetheless, it is fascinating. For those who are not afraid to communicate and seek to find a special approach to each person, meeting your girlfriend’s parents is a great chance to test yourself and show your skills.
  • 18.12.2019 What is a 'Nice Guy Syndrome' and How to Overcome It
    You can still be a very kind and gentle person without having a nice guy syndrome. It is pretty useful to control your testosterone level, but you still can stop being a nice guy (in a bad way nice) without becoming more masculine if you don't want to.
  • 28.11.2019 Is It OK If You're Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex?
    She is the best, most beautiful, sweet and graceful. You dream about her at night, her silhouette seems at every turn. You don’t want to date women online anymore. It is simply impossible to forget her. But on the other hand, you think, "Dating my friend’s ex, I betray our friendship. My friend is real, reliable and loyal."
  • 22.11.2019 Abusive Relationships: Signs and Tips for Dealing with It
    Abusive behavior in relationships is not always obvious since it can be not only about physical one. There are some other manifestations and types of abuse. Today, we are going to discover all of them, learn the signs of an abusive relationship and consider some helpful tips on how to deal with it.
  • 21.11.2019 How to prove to a girl you love her
    How to prove your love? Does it need to be proved? It’s a tough question. It all depends on feelings you have for a certain woman as well as on her character. I was in love multiple times. And each time it was a different experience. Sometimes I constantly needed to prove my love, other times it was clear without words. It doesn’t mean that your significant other is needy, or you are incapable of showing your emotions.
  • 07.11.2019 Signs of a good first date
    Too often, we have high expectations for the first date with a person who is of interest to us. We spend a lot of time preparing for the first date because men need to plan everything, to make sure that a girl won’t be disappointed. Of course, both men and women worry a lot before the first dates. They usually tend to expect a lot not only from their first date but also from what should happen next.
  • 07.11.2019 Toxic Relationship Signs: a Guide for Men
    In today's article, we've tried to focus attention on what is a toxic relationship and how you can fix them or leave to meet a woman now and start everything from scratch.
  • 29.10.2019 Best Compliments for Her to Melt Her Heart
    Yes, online dating may save you some time, but it doesn't make dating any easier. That's why you need to know how to conquer her heart with your words. And the best way to do that is to use compliments.
  • 28.10.2019 Over 50 singles vacations
    If you are single and just over 50, it is the best time to start getting to know this world. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to meet? What are the chances to find the love of your life? They are pretty high. The more you travel, the more knowledge you get and the more people you meet.
  • 09.10.2019 How to Make Your Woman Fall in Love with You Again?
    Falling in love is a thing that’s easy to distinguish. This person makes you feel some type of way – you feel cold and then hot all of a sudden, you either get too happy or depressed, angry or shy, brave or awkward (rather awkward). But when any steady relationship goes on long enough between you, it tends to appear staler or flatter with years.
  • 04.10.2019 How to Be a Good Boyfriend for a Young Girl
    As a rule, girls try to choose guys who are at least a little older than them. It seems to lonely women seeking men that an adult man will be more experienced in relationships, and he will be able to become real support for her. Peers also attract their attention because they have many common topics and interests, and a girl will never be bored with such a guy. So, how to stand out from the rest of the men and become the best if the woman is young? And what is a good boyfriend?
  • 03.10.2019 She Doesn't Love Me Anymore: Signs and Tips
    If a man suspects that something is wrong in their relationship with a girl, then it is worth considering "signs that she doesn't love me anymore." After all, you intuitively feel a decrease in her interest rate. In this case, you need to try to understand what your fears are connected with. After all, it was not out of the nothing that you suddenly had suspicions that your girlfriend was losing interest in you.
  • 03.10.2019 Communication Problems in a Relationship: How to Fix It
    You may love a person with all of your heart, but some minor things that they do or the way they live their lives and affect yours just drive you crazy. But how can you avoid such collisions and disagreements? What is the biggest communication problem? How does a union without relationship communication problems look like?
  • 09.09.2019 How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl
    People face many challenges every day, some of them are perceived as something ordinary and not worth mentioning while others make a mark on one’s self-esteem or even soul. It’s especially true for a man who is getting rejected by a woman he likes.
  • 29.08.2019 10 Traits of an Attractive Man
    What character traits should a man have to find a girl of his dreams? If only we all knew what the most attractive traits in a man for girls are, then no one would have problems in finding a perfect partner. Of course, all girls have different tastes. In each case, it is individual, but it is possible to summarize and highlight the main features that girls like in their men.
  • 29.08.2019 I will be single forever?
    After a breakup, every person fears that close relationships will not be repeated in his or her life. It seems that young women seeking men will do that endlessly, and men do the same just to fill a loss with someone. Thoughts on staying single forever worry those who have recently had a difficult experience. Not every man knows what needs to be done to cope with this state and, in general, whether it is a bad experience or chance to revise own life.
  • 29.08.2019 15 Tinder Tips for Great Online Dating
    There is an opinion that Tinder is a tool that helps easily search for a one-night partner, but it is just a very convenient service for dating. And it is up to you to decide how your date will end. If you are traveling, have recently moved or are visiting an unfamiliar city for the first time, Tinder will help you find a person who will go with you to the cinema, a bar, or even rent an apartment.
  • 01.08.2019 How to build the best male profile?
    The most difficult part of dating on the Internet (except for communication with new people) is to create the most attractive profile on the dating site to stand out from the crowd and attract as much attention of the fair sex as possible. Today you are going to learn how to write a dating profile and familiarize yourself with the good dating profile examples for guys.
  • 31.07.2019 Mom and Kids: How to date a single mother?
    The number of women raising children on their own is steadily increasing. For some girls, this is the result of their initiative and informed choice, for others it is an unforeseen concourse of circumstances: divorce, unintended pregnancy, and so on.
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