The Perks of Marrying a Ukrainian Woman


Ukrainian ladies are natural born housewives, capable of bringing love and happiness to their families. Being great and devoted mothers, they are ready to do anything to ensure that their kids had a better life. Besides, women from Ukraine cherish traditions and always remain loyal to their families. Marrying a Ukrainian girl, you may be sure that she will stay by your side no matter what. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, as these Slavic ladies have a lot more advantages over their Western counterparts.


Well, it’s commonly known that women from Ukraine are among the most beautiful in the world. Their beauty, charisma, and femininity are nature’s gift. Ukrainian brides are also a bit obsessed with their looks and can spend hours doing their hair and makeup or choosing a dress. And a couple of extra pounds may become a reason for depression, though they are so busy with house chores and other activities that they manage to keep their bodies in shape without visiting the gym.

Although we described all the pros of girls from Ukraine, it’s still unclear what a marriage with one of them can give you. That’s why we picked 10 perks that you get after marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Stable relationships

Practice shows that if you have a Ukrainian wife, the risk of divorce gets much lower than in marriage with a Western lady. And the reason for this is that wives from Europe or the US start thinking about getting a divorce as soon as family life gets more complicated. Ukrainian brides, on the other hand, think of divorce as of last resort, putting all their efforts to keep relationships going and eventually save their marriage. So, a Ukrainian wife means much fewer issues in family life, which makes it a lot more pleasant and better in general.

You can forget about managing your finances

Western ladies have problems with managing finances. American culture, in contrast to Ukrainian one, encourages money spending and shopping sprees. As a result, an average American woman needs to please herself with a new piece of clothing or other stuff, often wasting her money on something she doesn’t need right now. That’s the reason why a lot of women in the US can hardly manage their money.  Ukrainian wives, in their turn, can cope with this task easily, as they learned how to do it from their parents, who lived through the hard times. Most families in Ukraine always try to save some money, no matter how much they earn. To do this, they set priorities, like paying bills, buying food, etc., to spend money right. So marrying or even dating Ukrainian women can positively affect the amount of savings on your bank account.

zhenshhina-domohozyajkaYou will never need a housemaid

You get this right. A Ukrainian bride can take over such house duties as doing your laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house, and a dozen more other chores, so you can relax on a couch after a busy working day, watching TV. Sure, she may shout at you a couple of times if you leave a dirty plate on a coffee table right after she cleaned the entire house, so what? In contrast to European and American ladies, always seeking equality in relationships, a Ukrainian wife knows her role, as long as her husband remains a breadwinner.  So do your job, and you’ll get a lot in return.

You get a personal chef

One more reason to marry a Ukrainian woman is that they know their way around a kitchen. If you want a cook of the highest class at home, a lady from Ukraine is just what you’re looking for. They love experimenting with different recipes, so be sure that you’ll be having a lot of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time. With a Ukrainian wife, you’ll never forget what homemade food really means. Down with fast food!

You will become a better person

Another great advantage of Ukrainian women for marriage is that they can make their husbands better, turning them into more generous people. In western countries, Individual happiness and well-being are number one goals. Apart from being reliable, women from Ukraine are also open-handed. They are thought to help others, taking care of them even if it means limiting themselves to something. Nowadays, such trait is pretty valuable. And the best thing is that if you choose a Ukrainian wife, she will teach you how to start thinking about people around you too.

You get a second family

If you managed to conquer the heart of a Ukrainian beauty, be sure that her family will love and appreciate you. You may think that it’s not a big deal, but after marrying a Slavic girl, you really can consider yourself having one more home in Ukraine at least as long as you play nice. If you start treating your wife like a real asshole, you’re screwed. Don’t mess with Ukrainian families.


You automatically earn your wife’s loyalty

In Ukrainian culture, loyalty and devotion are main principles of building a family. That’s what you can count on when looking for Ukrainian girls for marriage. You can be sure that after marriage, your soul mate will remain loyal to you no matter what. Just show her that you’re also ready to devote your life to her without any doubts.

You get a passionate lover

In Ukrainian ladies’ opinion, impressing a man in bed is one of their main priorities. In contrast to them, American and European ladies believe that a man is the one who has to please a partner sexually. So when choosing a Ukrainian bride, you get one great bonus. Although most Ukrainian ladies are pretty shy in bed, over time, your wife will gladly learn a couple of tricks to diversify your sexual life to make all your desires and fantasies come true.

You and your kids will become bilingual or even trilingual

Having a natural born foreign language tutor at hand is cool. The chances that your kids will speak more than one language are high, though if you mess things up when teaching them, they may never learn how to speak them properly. We said trilingual because Ukrainians usually speak two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. And after living a couple of years in marriage, you’ll gradually start speaking them too or at least learn some basic phrases.

More holidays

After you marry a Ukrainian girl, you may add a couple more holidays to your calendar; besides, some dates will become more important. For instance, you’ll get to know what a real Easter is and start celebrating V-day every year. Also, for some Ukrainians, New Year’s Day is as important as Christmas, not to mention that you’ll get one more Christmas Eve, as in Ukraine it’s celebrated on January 7.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a partner to rely on, cherish, and love, consider dating Ukrainian girls. Your feelings for your Ukrainian spouse will never fade, getting stronger each day. Since love and respect are in Slavic women’s nature, your marriage will last forever.

Ukrainian wives are versatile. They can easily find the balance between traditional values of their culture and modern world. This is what helps them with settling down in every country, as they don’t have to put much effort to adapt to new traditions and life. For most ladies from Ukraine, marrying someone from abroad and moving to the completely different country is a chance to learn something new, become a part of another culture, which is exciting. This is one more reason for you to choose a Ukrainian bride.

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