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  1. What's a high sex drive?
  2. Why is my sex drive so high?
  3. What causes high sex drive?
  4. Female high sex drive
  5. High sex drive for males

There can be a lot of explanations of where the phenomenon of high sex drive comes from, yet no one knows its nature for sure. In general, hypersexuality, or high sex drive, is a constant high sexual desire, which can be rarely satisfied despite numerous sexual acts and a large number of partners. The affection towards the target of the sexual act is often absent, and it is just a physiological need that is satisfied leaving emotions aside. However, even frequent orgasms do not guarantee the fulfillment of the sexual desire, as this is more a mental issue than biological.

Since all people have a different sexual libido, it's not always easy to detect hypersexuality, at first sight, some people that are generally emotional and passionate can be mistakenly placed into the category of those who have a high sex drive. So, people must evaluate their condition and behavior on their own. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the causes of high sex drive, how to identify its signs in yourself, and what you should do in case of extremely high sex drive.

what is a high sex drive

What's a high sex drive?

Most people’s first acquaintance with high sex drive often happens during puberty, when the human psyche is full of sexual and erotic fantasies because the body is growing and the hormone base changes. Puberty hypersexuality is reflected in spontaneous erections, frequent pollutions, and constant sex-related thoughts or fantasies. On the one hand, it causes certain nervousness and tension, and on the other hand, when a young man realizes that those are all normal processes this period helps him to become aware of his sexual role and discover his body. All of these stages are necessary in order to ensure normal sexual function in adulthood.

But it happens that the problem of an abnormally high sexual desire occurs in adulthood. However, the term "normal sex drive" is generalized as such, because there cannot be any specific limits to what is considered normal when it comes to sex drive. Active sexual life, which does not prevent a person from succeeding in other spheres of life, is not the pathology. But if hypersexuality changes human behavior, and the need for numerous and varied sexual contacts dominates other interests in life, then it is a kind of sexual pathology or dysfunction.

What is a high sex drive? High sex drive can be identified by a person’s urgent need to change sexual partners, to engage in multiple sexual intercourses, participate in sexual orgies, and commit demonstrative sexual acts. Pathological men hypersexuality is called "satyriasis", and for women, the corresponding term is "nymphomania". Both men and women undergo changes in behavior when suffering from such a phenomenon - they are constantly looking for sexual partners and have a high interest in anything erotic-related. Sex is their only hill to die on because they simply cannot control themselves.

In fact, there are three main conditions of libido, depending on how often a person can and wants to have sex: weak, normal and high. Having weak libido and sexual desire means a person can do with a couple of sexual intercourses per month and function normally without them the rest of the time. But when it comes to high sex drive, it is provided that the person with such a pathology thinks about sex most of the time and needs it to feel his or her personal worthiness or satisfy some other needs such as socializing, personal growth or talents. Hormones are highly involved in such processes and they can even determine the individual features of human appearance (for example, active hair growth for women, feminine body shape for men etc).

what is considered a high sex drive for a womanWhen two people in a relationship want sex with a slight frequency difference, for example, one time per week against a few times per week, this is completely normal. But if a person cannot restrain himself and often loses control which results in, for example, forcing a partner to have sex, even if she refuses, or hyperactive masturbation – those are obvious signs of a high sex drive. So if you often ask yourself «whether my sex drive is too high?», maybe some things of the mentioned above relate to you.

Why is my sex drive so high?

At a young age, hypersexuality is a problem that a person will most probably overgrow and get rid of naturally, yet when at an older age, it can serve as a sign of a major mental illness. The causes of high sex drive can be some mental disorders, endocrine diseases, psychological issues, and traumas:

  • incorrect work of the hypothalamus or glandular brain structures damage as a result of neuroinfections experienced earlier (meningitis, encephalitis);
  • brain tumors;
  • hormonal disorders, hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex;
  • narcotic intoxication and carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • mental disorders (manic conditions, schizophrenia, personality disorder);
  • psychological disorders (inferiority complex, lack of self-love and self-confidence).

The question «why is my sex drive so high lately?» can be responded in many ways, but most probably if you did not experience high sex drive before and nothing unusual that could have made a huge mental issue on your consciousness did not happen, then you have nothing to worry about as this condition is likely to go away soon. And if it does not and the whole situation bothers you or your partner, you should turn to a doctor.

What causes high sex drive?

To know the main causes of this phenomenon, it is vital to understand that there are several types of hypersexuality. They can be distinguished according to different factors:

  • Puberty high sex drive acquired from adolescence.
  • Paradoxical hypersexuality occurs at the initial stage of climax for women.
  • Destructive and irritative neurological centers of diencephalic localization.
  • Mental illness as a cause of high sex drive.
  • Endocrine disorders.

What causes high female sex drive is quite often a dissonance between the psychological and biological components of the libido. When a sexual desire is not accompanied by a biological response of the genital organs. Orgasm, as a rule, is also not being achieved.

Female high sex drive

Women with high sex drive experience not the same symptoms as man and the reasons for the nymphomania can differ as well. Here is a couple of the following:

  • Some diseases
  • Hormonal malfunction
  • Medications treatment post-effect
  • Psychological disorders and troubles
  • Pregnancy

Among the factors that influence the progression of nymphomania may be even wearing tight clothing, which stimulates the higher blood flow to the pelvic organs, which in its turn creates a constant sexual desire.

After severe birth, injury, abortion or complicated disease, hormones can experience the change in their production. Beginning sexual life at an early age may also contribute to this. Girls who start early sexual life have mental troubles, they do not receive enough love in the family, and they are looking for it on the side. Later in adulthood, these women have a tendency to experience sexually harassing associations, or have a misconception that everyone who engages in sex with them loves them. Love and sex are the same for them.

Signs of high female sex drive which girls struggling with this condition may also experience are an irregular menstrual cycle, overweight or fainting, as well as sexual dissatisfaction and fantasizing about various themes. Unlike women who are prone to disorderly sexual intercourses, but are not nymphomaniacs, women with this disorder often do not control their desires: the age, appearance, and even gender of a partner don't matter to them.

extremely high sex drive Some women may have an increased sexual desire during the period of climax. The reason for this is, most often, hormonal malfunctions and genital organs illnesses. Such condition is more common for women who suffered anorgasmia in their youth or started sexual life early.

High sex drive for males

Now that we have found out what is considered a high sex drive for a woman, the reasons for high sex drive for men are somehow similar. This can be, once more, a mental disorder originated from the feeling of inferiority and insecurity in their sexual possibilities. The origins of this may be, for example, the unsuccessful first sexual intercourse. As a result, a man needs to continuously prove his sexual abilities to others and himself, engaging in numerous sexual intercourses with various partners. Hypersexual men are constantly looking for partners for sex, but sexual intercourse does not bring them the expected satisfaction. They have a constant excess of sex hormones in the blood, and the sexual saturation comes only after 3-4 sexual acts in a row.

What to do with high sex drive

It goes without saying that if a certain illness, including a mental one, is diagnosed, then it is treated with appropriate medication. The same works for high sex drive. Because it is a mental disorder that can be cured by drugs, then hypersexuality goes along with other symptoms. However, it is the last stage.

Generally speaking, in adolescence and in adulthood, you can take measures to help a person cope with this condition. Some of the effective methods are:

  • Sports and training; any physical work in sufficient quantity;
  • Regular active mental work - work or study;
  • Sublimation through creativity. Some people who are prone to hyperactive communication should try to reduce their sex drive by creating something. But a large amount of communication and social contacts can be unpleasant and tedious for introverts.

If you face a similar problem or have one of your loved ones coping with it, then it is useless to shame this person, scold, try to re-educate and implement high moral standards forcefully, as in any case, it is not a problem of bad education, but a physiological state. If it's a mentally unhealthy person, then he/she just cannot control himself and it makes no sense to blame them for it. You should better advise which doctor or psychologist can help and never shame such a person because it will only make matters worse.

In order to cope with puberty hypersexuality, it is necessary to arrange the tight schedule of the day, increase work and sports load, take up a new hobby and dedicate your free time to your new sphere of interest.

Of course, "adult" forms of high sex drive require the establishment and treatment of the disease starting from the root, that is why it is more difficult. Depending on the initial cause, treatment may include surgical intervention, medication or hormonal therapy. And do not forget that doctors know their work better and will be only willing to help you!

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