How to Be Single and Happy: 10-Step Guide


“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a
wild beast or a god.” ― Aristotle

To be single today isn't shameful. We live in the times when many alliances break up and there is no guarantee that even the strongest relationship will last long. In the real world, there is much beauty, and being single has many advantages. Many would give anything for loneliness, just to break the hateful relationship!

single and happy

Why being single is okay

Public opinion says that being alone is bad. And you, as a decent member of your society, also follow this rule. But what is the basis of this assumption?

After all, in nature there is no such thing. Animals can be either in the herd or alone. And they feel good in the state in which they are in the present moment. Then why do people cram their heads with ideas about the fact that being single is indecent and bad?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with being alone. Man doesn’t always want to be in society, he sometimes needs solitude to recollect himself, change his mind, decide something for himself and even just relax. Actually, being single is good, because you can devote most of your time to yourself, not to another person.

Researchers from the US conducted a global study which showed that single people can be no less happy than those who are in relationships. During this research, the scientists came to the conclusion that to be happy, it isn’t necessary to have a loved one, as many people believe.

It’s noted that with harmonious existence of a person – love relationship isn’t an obligatory condition for comfort and even happiness. Studies have shown that you can happily live without having a partner. During the polling, most of the lonely people reported that they are happy to be single. At the same time, a part of unhappy people who are in loving relationships surprised the scientists. They came to the conclusion that more than half of the couples are unhappy in their relationships, but they don’t change anything in their lives for a number of reasons, including because they are afraid of change.

Scientists note that family life is associated with stress and everyday problems. Many people aren’t ready for this, it creates problems for them and doesn’t lead to happiness. In some cases, couples become happier for a short time, but then there is a period of disappointment and they become even unhappier than people who don’t have partners.

Therefore, scientists say that life as a single is hardly worse than family life. However, this is an individual question. Scientists insist that if a person lives with their loved one, it's fine, but being in a relationship in order not to be single is a bad idea, which is likely to lead to misfortune.

Now, let’s find out why being single is better.

Benefits of being single

If you are single, then rejoice in it. Find out the bright sides of your solitude. We’ve prepared a list of some advantages of being single.

being single and happyLoneliness gives freedom

You don’t need to consider another person when planning your time and making some vital choices. Because of his or her absence, another person will not control your actions or inaction. You just do whatever you want and that's it. In fact, it’s one of the best perks of being single.

Loneliness "gives you the right" to complain about your boring life

It's so easy to say and believe it yourself that you don’t go to the vibrant places or occupy yourself with something interesting, because you don’t have a person with whom you can do it. And you don’t do it. It's so easy to shift responsibility for your boring life to another person.

Saving your own resources

After all, if a close person appears, you will have to invest a lot in your relationship: trying to look better, doing something pleasant for another person, remembering some information about him, etc. All of the above requires the investment of your time, strength and ability. It’s much more convenient to be single and spend all resources on yourself or spin out money.

You can be yourself

You don’t need to change or somehow adjust your character to another person in a relationship. In close relationships, of course, all the secret sides of your character begin to manifest, you meet not only with the character of another person but also with your own, with your weak traits or wounded zones, and it can be very unpleasant and scary. Therefore, it’s much safer to be single, then no one can look into your depth and find something there.

Advantages for work

Loneliness is a positive factor in the event that a man needs to travel a lot, for example often go on business, because he doesn't need to scramble between home and work, so there will be no quarrels, scandals, or insults. And such workers are very "convenient" for superiors. Single people solve their work problems faster and reach the heights of career growth more often. When a person is left to himself, he can channel your energy in the right direction, rather than spend it on other small domestic problems.


The most important advantage of being single is staying alone with yourself. Loneliness helps you find yourself. If you accept loneliness, then it becomes not an isolation or separation from everyone and everything, but a solitude in which a person finds peace and quiet, an understanding of oneself.

How to be single and happy

Fear of being single became very popular among modern people. We do everything to be with someone: go to uninteresting parties, listen to boring interlocutors, hurry to get married, create the illusion of communication in social networks. We want to share with you the secrets how to enjoy being single and become absolutely happy.

1. Accept reality and cease to be jealous

Surely, it’s one of the best tips on how to be okay with being single. Stop worrying about the fact that someone has a relationship, and you are still single. All these happy couples from TV shows and films are just a fiction. In Hollywood, they must create films and sell tickets, as well as raise the rating of the television broadcasting. In real life, people are completely different: the partners quarrel, don’t clean after themselves in the bathroom and fight for a zapper. Throw away all these fantasies about a perfect soul mate and watch how people around you live in reality, real people, not fictional characters.

2. Concentrate on getting better

Sign up for courses, work, grow a garden, be a volunteer, take care of your health - you can do everything you want. Remember: you do it all for yourself! Greater self-confidence will attract even more friends, and possibly, a new romantic adventure. The more confident you become, the better you know what romantic relationships mean to you.

how to enjoy being single3. Always try to live in the present

Some people must rub through a tragedy before they realize how brief their being in this world is. Only time is important. But this time is spent on others.

When you don’t live in the present moment, it’s more difficult for you to be happy. Mindfulness allows you to be aware of when your ego takes you out of the present, and this awareness brings you back. The stories that are twisted by your ego are often critical and unpleasant. Through mindfulness, you can stop the ego's attempts to expect the slippery slopes.

A simple trick: if you notice that your mind is filled with painful thoughts, look around the room and focus your attention on what is happening now. Then mark what you are thankful for at the moment. This will lead you to the present and a sense of gratitude - two vital ingredients of happiness!

4. Learn to do things alone

It’s a good way to be single and happy. Get used to doing alone those things that society dictates to perform together. Go to the cinema and enjoy the movie. Have dinner with yourself. Take yourself on a date and treat yourself well. At first it will be embarrassing. Don’t try to hide discomfort, accept it. Then laugh at this, because who decided that you can’t do these things alone?

5. Make plans for the future and immediately realize them

It’s almost impossible to be satisfied with your life without having any purpose in it. The goal of life shouldn’t be complicated. You just have to represent it.

Realize the plans immediately. Don’t postpone them, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. The longer you wait, the harder it’s to start something. When you achieve your goals, two things happen. Firstly, you feel confident. Secondly, this confidence attracts new interesting people into your life.

6. Create

Creativity is the basis for usefulness. Be in touch with your own ideas, mind and will, experiment and take risks - it will give you strength and make you happier.

Think about the ideas pushed into the background: sign up for art lessons, write a book or just dance in the room. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the main thing is to do it with pleasure. Use your innate creativity to express yourself - and it will be followed by more and more joy.

7. Spend time with friends

Studies have shown that spending time with friends increases joy and improves health. Favorite activities and time spent with friends will revive you. Building friendly relationships strengthens your authenticity and allows you to be yourself. You deserve this and it’s vital for your true happiness.

8. Spend time outdoors

The natural world evokes a true sense of the present, helps connect with mystery and beauty. Nature reminds us of the source of the rhythm that drives our life. If you are alone, spend time among trees, flowers, animals at least once a week to satiate your heart and soul. The inhalation of pure oxygen triggers our self-confidence, and exercises relax our body and cause smile.

9. Find an activity that has a touch based component

Touching is of great importance for love, happiness and tranquility. Touching promotes the release of oxytocin and serotonin (two chemicals in the brain that increase your sense of pleasure and make you feel loved). Since the number of touches in the life of a single person is often limited, you should focus on this. Remember: it shouldn’t be associated with sexuality.

10. Be optimistic

This is exactly what helps you, regardless of whether you are single, married, or divorced! Keep a thanksgiving diary and every evening write three things for which you are grateful. Find something beautiful in each day and learn how to enjoy small pleasures. You will live longer and be able to rub through hard times!

Being single is awesome! Just learn how to do it and you will be happy.

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