How to Fight Depression and Loneliness Without Outside Help


Anyone who has experienced depression knows how harmful and dangerous it can be for a person, so it is necessary to fight it with all available means so that it does not poison and, in some cases, does not ruin our lives. A person experiencing depression needs to fight it quickly, because depression is fast in depriving people of vital forces, and the lack of vital forces causes even greater depression, therefore, to break this vicious cycle, you need to find a way out of a depressive state as soon as possible so that mild depression does not turn into deep and chronic depression. There are several very effective and proven ways to deal with depression that absolutely anyone can use without the help of others.

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Causes of your loneliness

How to fight loneliness?

To speak briefly and generally, depression arises because of the inconsistency of the inner world of a person and the external world. That is, when a person’s inner world ceases to conform to the outside world, a person becomes depressed. But the reasons for which the outside world ceases to correspond to the inner world of a person can drastically vary. We can talk about the death or loss of a dear person, about all sorts of conflicts that constantly arise and force a person to experience severe stress, about the impossibility of a person to satisfy his basic needs, which leads him to dissatisfaction with himself and others, about serious changes in life, to which a person is not ready, about various diseases that prevent to fully enjoy life, about serious internal problems, about the experience of violence, and about many other things that destroy the comfortable, familiar inner world of a person.

How to fight depression by yourself

Before going to practical recommendations, I will explain what my approach is in relation to getting rid of depression. This approach is aimed primarily at strengthening mental “immunity”, and not just getting rid of the symptoms. Despite the fact that antidepressants and such can positively affect the symptoms of depression, one cannot just do with them alone!

Even if your depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, there are other ways besides pills how to restore this balance. It is proven that psychotherapy (various practices of working on oneself) changes the chemical balance in the head. It really does.

Although it is impossible to deny the need for the use of medications, it has been proven that psychotherapy and work on oneself have a much longer lasting effect. That is, the pill will remove the symptoms. But if you want to strengthen your “psychological immunity”, reduce the likelihood of recurrence of depressive episodes in the future, then you need to definitely start working on yourself.

How to Beat Depression and Loneliness?

- Work with your emotions and thoughts

How to fight depression alone? Change your attitude to this world, to life, to other people, to yourself - change it by convincing yourself that the observed and perceived reality is wrong in any way, not good. Everything is actually not so badly arranged in this world, it has a lot of good and interesting things, it is full of opportunities that you can use to achieve anything, and there are many good and interesting people in it. The main thing for you is change - you need to strive for it. Changes in life lead people into depression, and they get people back from it. If you can change your life - change it, if you cannot change it - change your attitude towards it, or rather to all that does not fit into your picture of the world.

You can find the good even in the worst things, you just need to open your eyes. You should have a full interest in life, find things that you like. Everything has its own meaning, so we must accept everything that life presents to us. Look at everything that you do not like in your life to create a road for yourself to move in the right direction and into a better life.

- Structure your day

Excessive workload can lead to a decrease in mood and apathy. Most often there are two factors that are the main offenders in this:

Not enough productive sleep.

Lack of fresh air and sun.loneliness and depression quotes

Lack of sleep inevitably leads to stress due to exhaustion of the nervous system. It becomes just bad, it might seem, without any particular reason. And the longer this period of lack of sleep will last, the harder it will be. And it is not worthwhile talking about things like: “Everyone is not getting enough sleep”. It is still incredibly harmful to you. Bad sleeping habits affect everything in your life, the way you feel, the way you look, the way your body feels, as sleep deprivation messes up with lots of things in your body, metabolism, migraines, even the state of your hair. In addition, during autumn and summer, more than ever, you begin to feel the lack of sunlight. And this leads to a decrease in serotonin. By the way, a lack of serotonin also

has a bad effect on the quality of your sleep.

- Try new activities and hobbies

The next thing you can do and what you need to do to overcome depression is to begin to be active in different aspects of your life. Activity is a good remedy for many conditions, including depression. But inaction only exacerbates the disease. Apathy and depression contribute to inaction, which is natural and understandable, but you can act in different ways. You can start doing something that you enjoy doing, at least a little, the main thing is to start doing something. Well, let's say, some women who were left by their beloved man fall into depression, lock themselves at home, do not go anywhere, do not communicate with anyone, do not let anyone near them - they are left alone with their resentment, anger, longing, loneliness. Moreover, even when they are left alone, they do nothing, they do not use their time and attention in some way that would help them think less of the bad, which would shift their attention to themselves. And it only increases their depression. Such inaction increases depression. How to deal with loneliness? You have to force yourself to do things or find a person that will force you to do so.

- Improve your health

During depression, people often use alcohol and drugs as a way to relax and abstract from reality. But they have a negative effect on the body and a lot of side effects.

A side effect of sport as a means of elevating mood is a healthy organism. If you are not involved in sports, then start doing at least exercises in the morning. If it is hard for you to run, go for light jogging. Pay attention to how exercise and walks improve your mood and improve overall well-being. Track this effect, feel it and remember it so that your brain connects the feeling of pleasure with useful activities, like sports.

I am quite sure that yoga is of great help to cope with depression. Besides, it is very good for your body. Try it out, it helps a great deal! Lack of vitamins, junk food can also greatly affect your psychological state, so try to eat healthily: visit fast food joints less often, eat less of any type of garbage, like burgers and chips.

- Do not forget about comfort

If a lot of people live in one small room, this can cause feelings of psychological discomfort, it will get hard dealing with depression. And the matter is not in the people themselves but in their quantity. No matter how good the relationship in a team or family is - the tightness, lack of privacy can spoil the mood and prevent from proper rest.

If you have the opportunity, move to a larger room, move from your parents to a separate apartment (or cottage). Let this apartment be small and far away, but the housing will be more comfortable if you live, suppose, with your partner rather than with your partner and their or your parents.

Even in the absence of comfortable housing you can find your happiness! There is some fixing to be done in yourself. If you do not yet have the opportunity to change your living conditions, then work on yourself, develop your qualities, this will help you endure adverse life circumstances.

Even if you have your own living space, create coziness and comfort conditions there. Clean up the house, get a pet if you do not have it. Get a cat. Better yet, two cats. Or a cat and a dog.

- Find a suitable job

Don't like your job? Change it! You do not like to work at all? Build your business and organize it so that it does not take a lot of time and effort! Think about what you want from life. Maybe it is time to start moving rather than sit back and contemplate passively how nothing changes year after year, and all your dreams melt like ice in the sun?

If you find your life purpose and start moving towards it, then it will fill your life with a meaning and give you the joy of existence. After all, some path will open itself to you, you will cease to live without any goal! The lack of meaning in life and the collapse of hopes can trigger despondency. What prevents you from moving towards your dream? Most likely, only your internal restrictions: laziness, fear, and doubt. Start quietly realize your wildest desires. Learn, read, communicate with people, learn about all the possibilities that exist in this world.

feeling lonely quotesWorking 9 to 5, doing an unloved job as, supposedly, “everyone does” is not the only way to live your life. There are many other opportunities, you just need to find out about them, not sit back and wait for these opportunities to find you. Move and learn new things, explore different options, make plans.

How to Overcome Loneliness?

- Find a suitable partner

Look for a way out of your loneliness. How to overcome loneliness? Find the right match for you. I cannot teach you how to find a suitable partner, how to decide on acquaintance - all this is a topic for separate articles. The only thing I can advise is to choose a person who will be strong, balanced, rational and without unnecessary weird quirks. If you are emotional by nature, sensitive, prone to experiencing stress, then do not date a person of the same nature! Maybe they will be close to you in spirit, but from them you will not learn anything, and they won’t learn anything from you. You will be unhappy and your emotions will multiply.

It is something like incestuous relationships. When people who are in kinship give birth to offspring, it turns out weak and inferior, as it inherits the weaknesses and defects of the father and mother. But people who are not relatives have a much better chance of having healthy children. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose a person with the same disadvantages as yours. Your union will inherit your weaknesses, will be fragile, short-lived and will become a source of a lot of suffering.

As you can see, a lot of work has to be done. Just a few pills won’t get you anywhere. If you decide to take antidepressants, then combine them with other therapies that I described above. Exercise, develop willpower, learn to have a positive view of things, go in for sports. I cannot imagine how you can get rid of depression without changing yourself! It depends only on you, whether you will suffer from or defeat your sworn enemy - depression. Will you resist or just passively accept fate? No one can help you until you yourself want it.

Neither I nor anyone else can force you to do something, I can only give advice, everything else is in your hands! So, get up and start the healing process right now! Attention! This article does not call for refusing the help of a qualified specialist! Someone can get rid of depression on their own, but not all can. If you have severe symptoms of depression, I recommend not to postpone and turn to a good psychotherapist, to a doctor who will not only prescribe medications (if necessary) but will also hold therapy sessions with you. Do it so as soon as possible!

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