Is My Relationship Over? 10 Signs It Is


Nobody promised that being in relationships is easy. However, it does not imply that dating someone should look like a living hell. Knowing when a relationship is over and it's time to break-up is the key to emotional survival. While you do not know that relations are over, you keep on doubt this fact. It makes sense, as for years (or maybe months) of dating someone, you get so attached to this person that the mere thought of leaving them evokes despair and heartache. You try to keep relations: there is a hope that everything will change for the better. But is the game always worth the candle? Let’s find out how to know if your relationship is over.

when you know a relationship is over

Why Relationships End: Main Reasons

Before learning how to tell your relationship is over, let’s find out the triggers. Relationships between a man and a woman may end for a variety of reasons. These are the most common.

1. At the beginning of a relationship, in the moments of the highest spiritual and physical uplift, a person experiences a storm of different feelings and passions and refuses even to think that everything can end, it seems to them that love will last forever. But, as you know, there is nothing eternal, and everything comes to the end sooner or later. People get used to each other, love gets weaker, troubles and problems cause quarrels. Relationships are hard work. They end when people do not want to invest enough effort to be with each other.

2. All couples quarrel from time to time, and it is quite normal. Many people manage to minimize differences and maintain relationships. But a critical situation occurs if a person always expresses dissatisfaction with their partner and makes the same demands and claims almost every day. Then the relationship ends.

3. It often happens that changes in relationships occur only with one of the partners. They can meet a person with whom they are truly in love now. Then the partner wonders why they have begun to behave differently towards them. There are quarrels, misunderstandings, and squabbles. In the result, the partner leaves their beloved one for another person. It is one of the easiest ways how to know when a relationship is over.

4. Relationships may end if people are just tired of each other and need to take a break from everyday life. In this case, they should part for a while – go on a business trip or visit relatives in another city. If the feelings do not smooth down, they will miss each other. Moreover, the absence makes the heart grow fonder.

5. Partners who decide to live together are completely different people with their own views, values, passions, and interests. Therefore, the main thing everyone should learn is to accept the other person as they are and make concessions, respecting the opinion of a loved one. If partners fail to do this, their relationship ends.

6. Romantic relations between a man and a woman become impossible if there are some insuperable circumstances that are difficult to endure, such as treason, deception, or betrayal. It is the simplest way how to know when your relationship is over.

Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Unfortunately, most people begin to appreciate the relationship when it is already over. How do you know when a relationship is over? How to know when it is still possible to fix relations? When is a relationship over? We’d like to bring to your attention 10 signs your relationship is over.

1. Mutual disrespect

If you and your partner have reached the point when you show mutual disrespect, it's time to shatter the illusions. There is nothing easier than to stop experiencing affection for someone who shows disrespect to you. People, who live together without mutual respect and appreciation, feel absolute indifference to the needs and desires of a partner. The end of such a relationship is my relationship over?

2. Lies

It's about when you say to a person, “I love you” without feeling anything like that. You are afraid to hurt them, but in fact, you only exacerbate the situation. The truth will come out: you cannot lie all your life.

Well, in case you say to yourself, “We are happy, I am happy, everything is great” when you know a relationship is over, it is also a way to escape from reality.

3. Detachment

If you try to avoid intimacy and usually search for a way to keep away from your partner, it means that the relationship is over. You have already poisoned the emotional bond with your beloved, and thus, send subtle hints that everything is over. Perhaps you should do it instantly, and not produce doubt and suffering.

4. Inability to end a conflict

It starts as an infinite struggle without striking a compromise, which develops into, “Do whatever you want, I don't give a damn!”, when partners are no longer bothered about the outcome of their struggle.

There is even a rule: never go to sleep being offended at your loved one. And that makes sense. If some of the partners can swallow their pride and make a concession in a quarrel, such a relationship has no continuation.

5. You are no longer attracted to a partner

Sometimes people live together even without love, considering its absence as a “natural” stage in the life of any family. But this is a lie! Over the years, affection appears to replace amorousness, and passion gives way to friendship. But yet love remains – you still want to take care of each other, you are interested in spending time together, having sex, cooking, and raising children. The absence of such desires is a sign that your relationship is over. In this case, you get bored with a partner, you want neither to embrace them nor do something pleasant for them. And it is important to realize it in time so as not to weigh yourself down along with a rotten relationship.

6. Relationships hurt you

Every relationship is difficult work, requiring compromises. However, sometimes we confuse compromises with the habit of constant sacrificing. If the downfall of relations is prolonged, ask yourself, "Am I happy?" What do these relationships give you – a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security, or constant anxiety and unpleasant feelings? If the relationship brings only pain, it means that love is over.

7. Thoughts of break-up give you a sense of relief

If you have already considered a break-up with your loved one, and this thought brought you a strange feeling of joy and satisfaction, most likely, your relationship has long begun to show signs of strain. When you love a person, you do not even want to imagine your life without them. No one wants to lose someone who gives them joy, peace, a sense of support, and stability. But if the potential break-up does not frighten you, but somehow even attracts, then what are you doing together? There is no future in such a relationship. This is one of the most obvious signs a relationship is over for men.

8. You do not trust your beloved

Treason or serious deception can both provoke a downfall of relations and deprive you of the ability to place confidence in your loved one. Restoring trust can take more than one year and requires a lot of mutual efforts. Although sometimes this is not enough to fix the broken relationship – in this case, it is necessary to find the courage to put an end to the relationship. If the bitter memories of betrayal continue to hurt you even after a long time, and every move of your beloved makes you suspicious, consider whether you need such anguish. Keeping a relationship just for the sake of its presence is not the best option.

9. Sexual avoidance

Of course, if you have been together for several years, it is somewhat naive to expect from each other the passionate fervor of the first dates and sex several times a day – the impetuous drive eventually gives way to harmony, warmth, and tenderness. Stress at work, fatigue, and daily routine inevitably make their adjustments to the schedule of your intimate dates, but conscious sexual avoidance is a whole other story. If you notice that you are constantly looking for a reason not to have sex with your chosen one, this is quite a serious sign that the relationship is over.

10. Physical assault

In this case, there are no excuses and explanations, no circumstances and promises matter. You just have to break-up.

In general, conflicts in a relationship are a way to get rid of pain, but their causes may vary. It can be a way to “lance the boil” of dissatisfaction and resentment which arose in a relationship to save and strengthen the love.

But it happens in a different way when conflicts are a way to break a relationship, to tell another person that it is over and that they no longer need to torture each other. And it is important to learn how to distinguish some conflicts from others. Physical assault is one of the most obvious signs a relationship is over.

What to Do When Your Relationship Is Over?how to know when a relationship is over

First of all, you should decide on whether you need to keep and fix your relationships at all.

There are two types of such relationships. The first is when the relationship is completely broken: there are constant quarrels and disputes, you are sure that there is no way to understand each other, and the irritation at the mere sight of partner interrupts the possible rays of joy. It is over for good, and there is no point in prolonging the agony. It is better to break-up until the warm memories of past love are not replaced by anger and hatred.

There is another kind of deadlock – all the same quarrels, disputes, scandals, but both parties feel the need for each other and try to improve relations. And despite all the quarrels, they feel a constant attraction and cannot live without each other. However, something is wrong, the joy is constantly accompanied by insults and guilt. It can be called a spiral deadlock. That is, it's time for partners to move to a new level of communication, understanding, and acceptance. A certain period of their life is over, and a new one is coming, when they are still dear to each other. But it is difficult for them to identify the moment of transition to a new level.

So, there are three simple steps to understand what is happening and establish relationships.

  • Step one. First, manage your relationship. Ask yourself if the touches, hugs, and kisses of your partner are pleasant to you. Do they make you feel positive? Ask yourself and listen to your body. Your brain can come up with many things, but your body will not deceive you. If your partner's touches are pleasant and you do not feel irritation and discomfort, then everything is fine, you really have something to struggle for.
  • Step two. Control your emotions and analyze every word of a partner. After all, try to hear them, to understand what they say, and what is concealed behind their words. Maybe they lack your attention, understanding, and tenderness.
  • Step three. Learn to talk about your feelings. Often, we are so afraid of our own feelings that it is easier for us to hide them under various reproaches. Our fears put a relationship to the very dead end. So, try to change your language of insults and reproaches into the language of love and care. Talk about your real feelings and sort them out. Before saying something to a partner, ask yourself, “What feelings am I experiencing?” And say everything you want but in the language of feelings.

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