Useful Habits That Combat Loneliness


The feeling of loneliness is familiar to almost everyone. Every person has periods of temporary voluntary or forced refusal of communication, and if for some people such “withdrawals” are associated with the need to take a rest and escape from social activity, for others, loneliness becomes a constant and oppressive companion of life. It is loneliness that is the main enemy on the path to happiness. This is a barrier that often seems insurmountable. The more we think about happiness, the more we realize that we should not underestimate and ignore the problem of loneliness. However, “being alone” is not the same thing as “being lonely”. Loneliness exhausts and drains strength, and solitude energizes and gives creative drive and ambition.

Habits to combat loneliness

In our modern society engaged in social networks and a variety of media, it would seem that only a few people suffer from this affliction. But that’s not so. Loneliness is a state of mind, not a measure that determines the number of friends and acquaintances. Over time, more and more people are plagued by loneliness. Today we are going to speak about such a disturbing feeling and give some tips to overcome loneliness.

Habits to combat loneliness

You might think that overcoming loneliness is a very difficult, long, and painful task. But all you need is to pull yourself together and develop some useful habits.

Be honest with yourself

First of all, you need to understand what exactly was the starting point for loneliness. You can take a blank sheet of paper and list all the reasons. Then you should highlight the factors that depend on you and that you are able to change (for example, shyness, excessive bluntness, inability to keep the conversation, etc.)

Now you have a goal - to get rid of these obstacles through your own efforts. And the most difficult thing when dealing with loneliness is the moment of the first effort over yourself and your passive life position. Of course, as soon as you enter into the fight with hateful loneliness, you suddenly begin to feel a kind of discomfort. But instead of continuing to spare yourself and revel in your own loneliness, you must finally try to break this vicious circle and come out of the voluntary imprisonment.

Make a habit of connecting with other people

It's obvious, isn't it? Keep in touch with other people - go to dinner with colleagues, offer them to drink a cup of coffee, and do not miss corporate parties or other entertainment. Also, ask your friends to go out. If you have no friends, create a user account on social networks. Millions of people tried to find a soul mate online - sometimes with great success. Many couples have appeared on the Internet. If you are looking not for a love relationship but just a company, then there are forums or specialized sites that provide good opportunities for meeting new people.

Moreover, sign up for a group workout, play sports with other people, or go to educational seminars. There, you can gain useful skills and knowledge and communicate with like-minded people. It is one of the most helpful tips on how to not feel lonely.

Normalize your sleeping mode

Sleep disturbances are one of the first signs of loneliness. You cannot fall asleep for a long time, often wake up at night, and during the day cannot get rid of the sleepy state? Break this vicious circle.

Chronic sleep deficiency prevents you from making contact with other people, causes a constant bad mood, and severely blunts immunity. What to do? There are some useful tricks: 30 minutes before bedtime, put aside the smartphone and laptop (the blue light from their screens disrupts sleep), take a warm shower, and apply body cream. When you spend an extra couple of minutes to apply the cream and gently massage the body, you completely relax. But most importantly - go to bed at the same time. This is the only way you can form a habit.

Make a habit to be open and friendly

Loneliness makes us secretive, suspicious, and sullen. Lonely people find it harder to get in touch with a new person. If you notice such changes in yourself, and each new acquaintance is perceived negatively in advance, then try to become more open and friendly. Make it a routine to be the first to start a conversation and smile at people around more often. It is one of the best habits to combat loneliness.

Always ask yourself "What's missing in my life?" and "What do I want now?"

Do not ask yourself: “What is wrong with me?” Or “When will it end?” The right question to ask yourself is “What exactly is missing in my life?”, “What do I want?”, “How to stop being lonely?” Perhaps you just need a good friend. Or a romantic partner. Or you want to be a part of a large and friendly group of people. Or maybe you just do notHabits to overcome loneliness

like living alone in an empty apartment.

There are many causes and varieties of loneliness. Not all people want to have close friends if there is a loved one. Not all people like big companies, some prefer to spend time in the company of the closest people. But once you understand what exactly you lack for happiness, it will be very easy to overcome loneliness.

Always seize the moment

Happiness surrounds us every hour, every second. We just do not notice it. To be happy, you do not need to think about what has passed and what will happen in the future, you need to live in the real world. After all, having learned to live “here and now”, you will understand that life is happiness. The mistake of many people lies in the fact that they think that happiness will appear just for nothing, out of a clear blue sky! Many do not even know what they really need for happiness: love or money, a car or an apartment? What do they really need? From birth, everything is given to us, the only thing we should learn is to take what is needed. Forget about the past and do not think about the future. Live for today and remember that life is a great pleasure!

Tips to overcome loneliness

How to deal with loneliness? First of all, you should stop feeling sorry for yourself. Constantly exaggerated thoughts or self-deprivation only aggravate the already depressed state of loneliness. You should try to take for granted the fact that there is no loving person or just a reliable friend whom you can trust, and try to change your life so that the feeling of loneliness remains in the past forever. There are some useful tips to overcome loneliness and achieve these changes.

Be a good listener

The best interlocutor is the one who knows how to listen. Speak less and listen more - so you can, as they say, kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you show interest in the interlocutor. Secondly, you demonstrate that his opinion is important to you. And, thirdly, you encourage a person to talk about themselves.

As a result, this person feels their own importance, and you are considered as a very good conversationalist, attentive listener, and pleasant person to communicate. Also, your terseness will cause your words to have the strongest effect on the listener.

Don't judge others

People love to judge others. And along with this righteous indignation comes a sense of superiority over other people. But it does not lead to happiness at all. Judgements make this person unpleasant to you, you have negative feelings towards them, feel frustrated and even disgusted.

We would like others to be like us, to do something to improve their lives. People tend to imagine themselves in the place of others, so we always think that we know how it will be better for another person. Actually, it is very presumptuous. Even if you communicate with a close relative, you may not even guess what he or she really needs. When you judge people, you do not accept them as they are, do not accept life as it is, and as a result feel frustrated. Instead, try to understand others if you want to make people like you.

Contact others first

Friendly and sociable people always make a good impression and attract others. Make new acquaintances, communicate, and be interested in the outside world. If you do not dare to talk with a stranger - it's time to fix it, even if you are afraid to feel embarrassed. If you show interest to someone, then he or she is likely to respond to you in return. So, do not be afraid to contact others first.

In this case, psychological make-up is very important. If you want to find a friend, convince yourself that everything will work out. Single people often think: “I’m entirely to blame. I don’t know how to communicate with people.” Such thoughts lead to lower self-esteem. Instead of torturing yourself with the thought of failure, cheer up and tell yourself: "Yes, I'm alone, but I can fix it." Scientific evidence confirms the effectiveness of this approach.

Learn to respect the opinions of others

Another effective way to increase the chances of building goodwill and better friendships is to show respect for the opinions of others. Even if you do not agree with the point of view of the interlocutor, do not tell them that they are wrong or that their standpoint is incorrect. Of course, you can express your disagreement, supporting it with the appropriate arguments, but you should not cross the permissible line. Remember that any opinion has the right to exist.

Don't compare yourself with others

Make people like youComparing yourself with other people is an extremely destructive habit. You compare cars, apartments, work, shoes, the amount of money, relationships, social popularity and so on. And in the end, you drag your self-esteem in the mire, and it causes a lot of negative feelings.

Replace this destructive habit with another: compare you in the past with you in the present. Compare what you have acquired and achieved over a certain period of time, how you improved yourself. Why dwell on other people when you can focus on yourself.

Make some changes in your life

Get rid of everything old: old things, habits, and stereotypes. There are always too many things in the house! Leave something that causes a feeling of happiness. Everything else needs to be thrown away. This applies not only to clothing but also furniture, kitchen utensils, and various trinkets. Make space for the new, let it believe: you are waiting for it!

Make it a habit to meet a new person once a week and do 1 action that is new for you (it can be anything you want: from the simplest - trying a new dish, to the extreme - jump with parachute) - this will provide you with a constant influx of new events, people, and most importantly - the possibilities in your life!

Be realistic about your expectations

You should understand that to get acquainted with someone is only half the battle. After all, you want to find a soul mate, and in order to get close to someone, you should open your heart and share deeply stored feelings. Intimacy consists in the willingness to share the most intimate - things that are difficult to share with people who are not so close to you.

We do not argue, maybe the interlocutor does not want to listen to you or speak in response. But why not try? It may well happen that your words will be perceived with understanding, and you will make the first few steps towards each other. Do not be discouraged if something does not work, that is life. Do not give up and everything will be fine!

For a person, nothing is impossible. Just think a little about your state of mind and its causes. It makes no sense to sit around and rail at fate. You need to soberly size up the possibilities and try to fix everything, maybe even change your life drastically. Bring everything into focus, set a goal, and move towards it. Do not be afraid to change the life - you just need to do everything possible to get rid of those traits, habits, and lifestyle that led you to loneliness. Remember it, there are a lot of people in the world who are ready to help and support you. You are not alone!

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