When Is the Right Time to Have a Baby


Today we would like to discuss with you the topic of family and children. Many couples want to live a little for themselves and don’t have children. However, not everyone is really ready to live without children. But there are couples who give birth to children too early and then suffer from it. So, how to understand when it is better to have children and whether you are ready for their appearance? First of all, you need to understand some points.

deciding to have a baby

How to decide if you want a baby - checklist

How to understand whether you are ready to become a mom and dad? On what grounds psychological readiness for the birth of a baby is determined?

You understand that this is a mutual decision. How to decide to have a baby? The absence of doubts about the readiness of loving people to the appearance of a baby is the first sign. The thought of whether you can raise someone doesn’t even come to your mind. You are sure that a child should be born, and it is beautiful, it is joy and happiness for you. And the rest is unimportant.

You understand that a baby will not solve the problems of relationships. It happens that the desire to have children is just an attempt to save a relationship. However, a life shows that changes and problems that may arise after the birth of a child only worsen a relationship. A child is not a peacemaker.

You realistically assess your abilities. It is a quite rare thing that parents are perfect from the very first day of childbirth. But don’t think that you are hopeless. Just take off your rose-colored glasses, reconcile with your small flaws and be prepared for mistakes.

You don’t look at someone else’s life. Books are full of descriptions of the criteria for “good life”, when it is better to have a baby, what a complete family is, and so on. It’s time to finish this! No one has to decide when this “good” moment comes. This is how to decide whether to have a baby. You yourself will feel it.

You correctly assess possible future problems. Some couples believe that childcare is a very fun activity. Of course, no one excludes fun but problems and worries will come as well. As long as you don’t have children, you can only imagine what impact they will have on your mental state. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for everything.

You like children. Did you ask yourself should i have a baby? You strive to play with them, hold them in your arms, only the appearance of babies causes you a storm of emotions and delight. You may envy the fact that you will have to wait for the birth of your first child. If you experience such feelings, then you are almost ready and this is how to decide to have a baby.

You don’t think about what gender a child will have, what they will look like, and so on. The most important thing for you is that a baby will appear in your life. You will love a baby no matter whether it is a boy or a girl. You don’t expect help from the outside. You rely only on your strength and capabilities and are ready to work so that a child has everything. You are ready to sacrifice your comforts, to deprive yourself of entertainment and many other things, only for the sake of the child’s well-being.

best time to have a babyReasons to have a baby - checklist

How to decide whether to have a child and what should be done before this? There are many negative attitudes associated with children. They check the strength of a relationship and the psyche of parents suffering from lack of sleep, women have excess weight after childbirth and men feel as if they are robots who just make money. In fact, parenthood has a lot of positives. Children make us happy and our families become complete. In addition, their appearance is good for health, allows you to plunge into your own childhood, have fun, and even helps increase IQ!

You will become energetic. Kids are so overwhelmed with energy that they charge everyone around. They run, fool around, laugh and play until they fall asleep at the end of the day. Children will help you find out how much energy you have. You will have fun. Now you can jump on a trampoline, climb trees and ropes, and run around the playground. You have the legal right to watch all the cartoons and children’s films, and read children’s fairy tales if you like them. Dads can enjoy the purchase of new cars, soldiers, and railways.

You will raise self-esteem. The presence of children automatically raises the status of a person in society. In addition, next to a child, who still gets to know the surrounding world, you can notice how much has stood out and how much you have learned in your few decades.

You will have a chance to raise a worthy person. Genes are just a small part of what you can give. Fortunately or unfortunately, your child will never be your copy, but it will contain a lot of things from parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. You will give a piece of your soul, love, and happiness. You have the opportunity to give a child your ideas, beliefs, and manners.

You will get additional communication. In every society, there are families that bring up children differently. You will definitely meet new friends and acquaintances ready to argue about the methods of development, training, walking, vaccination, etc. Communicating with people who are close to these topics, you will meet like-minded people and it will be easier for you to survive the difficulties.

You will get more love. Parents are the center of the universe for their child. Giving children love and affection, it will definitely come back like a boomerang. Love your children. After all, love is the most wonderful feeling on earth!

When to have a baby

Many people don’t imagine a happy life without children. A family begins when two people decide to live together and take care of each other. But sooner or later, the question about the appearance of the third family member arises. Anyway, when is the right time to have a baby? Let’s see!

The first condition under which the appearance of a child will be timely is a good relationship between two people. Indeed, if future parents are not able to agree among themselves, if quarrels and scandals constantly occur in a family, then a child will not be a solution to problems, but will only add fuel to the fire. A little child will feel bad in a family where parents don’t know how to love each other.

The second condition is health. In order to raise a good person, you need a lot of strength and good health. It is the right decision to take care of your health in advance. Stop smoking, limit alcohol intake, and eliminate some medications that may affect the health of a child. In addition, it is important to get rid of some diseases, undergo a full examination by a doctor, and sensibly assess the possible risks. This is necessary in order to take adequate measures in case of problems and solve them in time. Sometimes you have to wait before deciding on pregnancy, some require a serious course of treatment and even surgery. It is better to do all this before the appearance of a child so that pregnancy will not be burdened by the consequences of various diseases. By the way, the best age to have a baby biologically is 18-25 years for women and 23-27 for men.

Another factor influencing the decision about the appearance of a baby is material well-being. Indeed, it is easier to plan a pregnancy for families who have where to live and a stable income. After the appearance of a child, one of the family members will not be able to work for a long time if parents can’t hire a babysitter or involve relatives in raising a child. This means that the maintenance of family will fall entirely on the shoulders of another family member (more often a father). Not all families have enough income. Therefore, many people solve housing issues first, make the necessary savings and careers, and only then decide to have a child. But some are not ready to wait so long or see no prospects but don’t want to postpone this beautiful moment of life.

How much does it cost to have a baby?

The birth of a child in a family is always a great happiness, but at the same time caring for a baby requires additional costs, which don’t always fit the family budget. So, how to have a baby and give everything they need? Families with incomes above average don’t think about how much money is needed for a child, which cannot be said about other people.

Preparing for the first months

how to decide whether to have a childWhen the baby appears, it is unlikely that you will have time to deliberately go shopping choosing necessary things. Haste affects both the quality of purchases and their value, therefore, contrary to superstition, the things for a newborn must be prepared in advance. This will set future parents to the right wave. The first stage is the compilation of a list. It should contain only essential things:

  • Pram
  • Cot
  • Clothes
  • Hygiene products
  • First aid kit
  • Bath for the baby

So, when is the right time to have a baby? Our answer is: when you have enough money for it. Having calculated how much money is needed for the birth of a child, divide this amount by the number of months left before birth. Thus, you can immediately see whether this amount fits the family budget. As experienced parents say, the amount of money that is needed for the birth of a baby (including the purchase of necessary things for a baby) is equal to the total budget for the maintenance of a child in the next two years.

How much money is needed for the maintenance of the child?

For little children, you have to buy clothes, food, hygiene products, etc. Then you will pay for various activities for a child from six months, individual developmental activities, as well as new gadgets for child care. Calculating how much money you need for the maintenance of a child, you should focus on your capabilities and needs. Manufacturers release children’s products to the consumer market, without which parents can raise a smart and kind child. But parents are convinced the opposite so the list of necessary things for a child is replenished with various smart bracelets, nanny cameras, and other goods that cost a lot of money and their prices rise each year.

If family incomes are not large, there are always plenty of ways to save money while providing a baby with everything needed. For example, it is not necessary to purchase two prams – it is much more prudent to choose a model that transforms into a summer version. Such items as a baby cot or a highchair don’t have to be purchased in the store. Today there are many sites where moms sell and buy things that a baby doesn’t need any more. So, you just need to find ways to save money in order to have a baby as soon as possible.

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