Why Women Cheat: 7 Real Stories to Understand Them Better


The unpredictability of women does not work when it comes to an affair. Here, as a rule, everything is exactly as in maths. The virus of cheating is hovering around them and if the immunity is weakened, it will not be possible to resist the danger for a long time. If you want to protect your present or future girlfriend from this disease, you need to know how the enemy looks like. Not the enemy with whom you have found her in bed, but the one who lives in her. Just because she is a woman.

From time immemorial women have been considered to be monogamous creatures. Since ancient times, the woman was the keeper of the hearth. She chose the right man for herself, after which she gave birth to children and remained loyal until the end of life. But the men, on the contrary, tried to impregnate as many women as possible and leave the numerous posterity.

In today's world, it may seem that there are no reasons why women cheat. Is this the truth?


What do men think about that?

Women's infidelity is rarely discussed. People like to talk about male cheaters, to seek the truth on the topic of male betrayal. Men increasingly demand objectivity and recognition of women’s cheating on a scale equal to men’s one. Here are the most common indignations,

"Women also cheat on their boyfriends, and everyone is silent about that for some reason." "Why is a man always considered to be a cheater? Women also have affairs. " "Well, sometimes it seems that almost all the women are an example of morality and honesty, but they cheat even more often and do not worry at all.”

As practice shows, women can also be polygamous, and their infidelities are sometimes so elegant that they make men admire. But if everything is clear with men, why do women cheat? What or who does push them into the arms of other men?

What feelings do play the main role?

women-cheat-for-totally-different-reasonsNowadays, women have much more power in all fields of life than several centuries ago and, as a result, they get higher expectations for their private relationships. Usually, partners choose not to discuss these expectations, working on the relationship and dreaming that one day they will wake up and everything will be fine. After several years of constant nonfulfillment of their hopes, they feel frustrated and start looking for their happiness somewhere else.

Women live by emotions, they physically need to be emotionally supported by their men, to feel admired and loved. The women who cheat have no excitement in their relationships or their relationships themselves don’t play the main role. All people are looking for something better in the life or just for the things that they don’t have yet, women do the same – they are seeking for someone smarter, more masculine and handsome, more educated and successful than their present partners are.

Nevertheless, women are ready to forgive their partners much faster than men. On the contrary to women, men are sure that only they can have sex with other women, it is their priority given by penis. Each of them is a good, handsome, and caring man, just a dream of all women, so why women cheat on good men, why are they so unfair? It’s high time to ask 7 women who have cheated on their men and find out the reasons.

Woman №1, “It was my personal vendetta.”

"I just took my revenge on my boyfriend because he had been cheating on me for a long time. At last, I was satisfied. My satisfaction was doubled, it was both moral and sexual. Did I feel ashamed? That is, he could do that easily and I didn’t? The man used to justify himself by his polygamy. He is a male, an earner, a hunter. It doesn’t work with me. Why did we make promises, if we were not ready to keep them a couple of years later? It was a long-term affair for three or forth of us. We were the main actors and our lovers played just the supporting roles. We couldn’t break up for some reasons and when the limit of encroachments towards freedom was exhausted, the relationship grew into a game "Who will hurt another one more?" He continued to cheat on me. I was trying to forget, or revenge, living a far from the righteous way of life. Why would women cheat? Maybe, because they want to free themselves from some psychic wounds.” – Kim, 37.

Woman №2, “It was my way to feel desirable.”

"When you start living together, you do not make plans for a breakup or future cheating. There is only one plan, you want to live happily ever after. And no one teaches how to do that and you try that all by trial and error. The new generation is looking for a variety in life, in sex, taking into account the preservation of the relationship. I consider this reasonable. Being a couple gives you some important advantages and break up is too wasteful every time because of fleeting pleasure. An affair, when the couple does not guess or pretend not to guess, gives a new impulse to their relationship, enlivens the measured life course. I felt that I was still desirable, sexy, and confident. My man felt that too despite my silence about my new partners. Scenes of jealousy or flirting between people who have lived more than 5 years together mean a lot. You may understand why women cheat. My cheating was not the worst way out." – Alyse, 29.

Woman №3, “I was unsatisfied with my sexual life”.

when women cheat“You know, women also need sex and often not less than men. We are similar in that. When I did not get it, I tried to “get” it in another place. I didn’t feel guilty at all. It’s a lively expectation of favors to come. When a woman doesn’t have enough sex, there is no reason to ask why a woman cheats. It is one of the likely scenarios a man should expect. I lived seven years with my partner and five of them we lived like a brother and sister. Twice a week I used to "stay late" at a meeting with my colleague Paul. I didn’t know whether my partner suspected me or not. A platonic relationship is not for me. The partner felt good having no closeness for months. And I was not ready to go mad because this was my natural physiological need, like, for example, an eight-hour sleep or physical activity." – Megan, 33.

Woman №4, “It was a way to draw attention.”

"I really missed my boyfriend, or rather, the person with whom I had fallen in love several years earlier. He was a funny guy, a joker, and the soul of any meeting. Then he became the head of a large company, more than a thousand people were under his direction. Business trips, negotiations, night and weekend meetings-gatherings. I didn’t complain about material prosperity. And even in this case I didn’t snoop around in his entertainment and didn’t suspect him of cheating. I didn’t cross the line where troubles and disappointments could await me. Everything, apparently, suited him too. Our relationship was a convenient formality. At first, I fought for my boyfriend, for his attention, naively thinking that cheating will revive the relationship, he would feel the presence of another man and come out of his matrix. At first this "another man" was the figment of the mind. I got a text message, or I got a call and quickly left the room. I changed my outfits dramatically disappearing in the evenings. Little tricks, by which a man guesses that something is wrong. I was wrong, he did not pay attention to this manipulation. And I got already so carried away that I really wanted to do it for someone, to feel again desirable, beloved, "visible" at last. " – Camila, 30.

Woman №5, “I wished to live in a fairytale.”

"I destroyed the perfect relationship with my own hands. This is my price for cheating. Would it be possible to refuse love in favor of the previous relationship? Now I think it’s yes. I betrayed the best man in the world because I started acting out, I took the passion for "the love of my whole life." My fairy tale ended very quickly. Instead of constant miracles, I got everyday life with the usual routine, problems, and scenes. And for dessert I got his shock confession, "You have left your partner easily, and you will leave me too if someone more profitable and younger appears. I don’t trust you." – Stefany, 28.

Woman №6, “Just because I wanted.”

women who cheat“In someone, the fornication is "coded" in the genes. Cheating on a partner is like brushing the teeth. You can do that quickly and naturally. Of course, most women are very sensitive to their conscience and know that it's good to do with her partner and it's bad with a neighbor. But mistakes can occur. Personally, I had a playful corporate party that ended with sex in the car. In the morning, I packed my things and moved away from a young man with whom I lived for only a month. I left him without explaining the reasons, which, unfortunately, hit the guy's ego even more. He still cannot understand why he has been so severely punished. Now I avoid serious relationships, preferring one-time dating.” – Anna, 31.

Woman №7, “I felt freedom far away from home.”

“Away from home, women sometimes behave illogically. Especially without official support. On a business trip or on vacation at the sea, I always feel completely free. There are no two dogs, a boyfriend, eternal feuds with the neighbors or colleagues. I'm not one of a couple or just a manager. I'm a young attractive woman. After the end of a project, my girlfriend and I went to Miami. The first day I hardly remember, I woke up with a wild headache in bed with a handsome Spanish guy.

I ran out of the room and went mad for a few days, burned with shame, rushed to call my boyfriend and told everything. My lucidity came back in four days. Yes, I made a mistake, but I relieved stress, I did the wrong thing, but I repented. In the morning, I woke up with the same Spaniard. Cheating on my boyfriend at home is a taboo for me, I'll never allow myself to look playfully at a man. But when I leave my native city, I lose my self-control, and I don't care who I hurt. I feel guilty." – Elizabeth, 35.

Maybe you know even better when women cheat. Do you know the secret of a stable relationship without cheating on a partner? Try to find out how to save your love, properly distribute roles in the couple, preserve the peace and calmness and learn how to deal with the habitual routine. Pay more attention to the inner world of your beloved woman and she will never cheat on you.

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