What Is A Sigma Male? Why Everyone Is Talking About Sigma Male


Today we will talk about sigma males, the most mysterious type of male personality there is. You don’t need anything to figure out whether you are a sigma male or not, and no sigma male test required, just follow us, read the information below, see the sigma male examples, compare the sigma male vs alpha male personality traits, the key traits of sigma male personality, and, in the end, we will figure out how to be a sigma male.

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Main Types of Male Personalities

Here are the most common male character archetypes and the most common personality types. Let’s compare alpha, beta, sigma vs omega male personality traits and try to figure out the difference between them.

Alpha male

α (alpha) takes a leading position in the tribe since he is a leader. The alpha male leads and protects the tribe. This type is characterized by a thirst for power, a desire for self-affirmation, rivalry, morale, and dominance. As a rule, they are polygamous, having the function of reproducing offspring for most women in the tribe.

Beta male

β (beta) goes immediately after alpha. He has a less stubborn disposition, softer character, and at the same time, good mental abilities, successful in work and family life. Such males play the role of a family man, breadwinner, educator of offspring. They make up the main backbone of a strong tribe, due to the larger numbers.

Omega male

ω (omega) refers to a bohemian, creative person (artists, poets, musicians). He has a sense of beauty and does not see much point in procreation.

Sigma male

Σ, σ, ς (sigma) is another type of man who is outside the classification because of his uniqueness, rarity, and secrecy. Sigma, as a rule, is one in a tribe, it is asocial and mysterious, quiet and wise, a real “gray cardinal,” engaged in mystical activities. If you want to get better at single girls dating, then you have to figure out who you are in terms of your personality, capitalize on your strengths, and battle your weaknesses. However, you have to remember that alpha males aren’t the best in everything, you shouldn’t seek to be one if you are like that by nature. You can prove your love to your soulmate, and it doesn’t depend on your type of personality, it depends on the kind of a human you are.

Who Are the Sigma Males?

What is a sigma male? The term “sigma male” is rarely ever used, but it should have a place in the general classification of men in society. You already know that alphas are the strongest, self-centered species. Betas are compassionate and reserved. Omegas are creative but lazy.

So, who’s a sigma male? Which character traits does he possess? Well, first, think of a lone wolf, that’s a sigma male. Sigma males are independent, they are focused on their own thing. I believe there’s some correlation to be made between workaholics and sigma males, but surely there’s more to it than that.

Sigma males are similar to alpha males, sigma men are basically alpha males that are quite in their behavior and are interested in their own thing. This means that they are charismatic, yet their charisma is different from alpha males.

Sigma Male Personality Traits

So here are the main sigma male traits.

1. They do their own thing

Here’s the first of sigma male characteristics. They are lone wolfs, they like to do their own thing by themselves, not being bothered by anyone. They don’t really like using social media, don’t like texting, and are generally just focused on the task at hand.

2. They can control a room

These are quiet alpha males, they can control a room and be the center of attention, they just do it in their own, a rather quiet way. There is a sense of mystery to these men, and this is what draws the interest of other people toward them.sigma male personality

3. They are charismatic

It goes back to the previous two points, they are mysterious, they rarely ever reveal the in-depth aspects of their life, maybe not talk about it at all, thus, there is a sense of mystery to these men, and it is something that a lot of women find quite attractive.

4. They are independent

Of course, we all need some basic things in our lives, that being a place to sleep, food to eat, a person to love us, and all that. Sigma males seem to be very independent, as if they don’t really need anything, and they are just fine.

5. Their social circle is rather small

They don’t have that many friends, and they don’t need that many. He makes the decision about the people that enter his life, and no one can do it without his permission.

6. A sigma male can be off the grid

It is a rarity, and there are some obvious downsides to such a life, but it is the decision that a sigma male can make. People need the Internet and social media nowadays not only for the sake of entertainment, but also for the sake of working, communication, and etc.

7. It is rather hard to get in touch with them

Like we’ve said above, these men can end up being off the grid, but that’s not the point here. These are people that are rather secretive, mysterious, and thus, it is not always easy to get in touch with them. This might be the reason why a sigma male relationship can be quite challenging. Dating a sigma male can be quite challenging for some women.

How to Develop Sigma Male Characteristics

The first thing you can do to become sigma, independent and self-sufficient is to stop asking others questions, "How I look? Does this shirt suit me? Have I done my job well? How I behave? What do you think about me? What is my personality?" Try to make decisions yourself and take responsibility.

Second, exit the hierarchy chain. For example, you are an employee, and in your understanding, the boss is the person on whom your life depends. That is actually not true, but most people think just that.

To be independent and self-sufficient, you need a feeling that you like this work, that everything suits you, and you work with pleasure. Behave naturally, do not try to please. If you don’t really like this work, and it causes only negative emotions, then say “goodbye” without regrets.

Depreciate the hierarchical system in your head

The hardest part is to love yourself for nothing. And even our parents, when we were little, tried to consolidate our successes: how well you have done. Then the children begin to brag: mom, look how great it is, that's how I can. And then school, grades. And if something didn’t work out, “If you study poorly, then you will work as a janitor,” “You behave like a complete moron, and nothing good will grow out of you.”

But if you can achieve some success in life, then appearance is the story when "what has grown is grown." People begin to divide themselves into separate parts and think something like that, “This one, the left breast is beautiful, and the right one is not beautiful,” “The character is disgusting, but I'm still young,” “I am ugly, of course, but smart.”

And this assessment system that exists in society, forms a person’s thought that if they want to love themselves, they need to somehow prove that they are worth it. That is, they must make something of themselves so that there is something to respect them for. Well, and accordingly, love. Because love and respect are inextricable concepts.

It is very difficult to meet a person who fully accepts themselves as they are. This is unconditional love. Basically, we are all arranged in such a way that we like certain parts of ourselves and personality traits, and we don’t like something. And you must love your children unconditionally. And take it as it is. But this, unfortunately, does not happen.

To do this, stop thinking about success, get out of this race. You can only lose. There are people who will always be more beautiful, younger, more successful, and richer.

You must love yourself because you are you

Because you are the only one. So in fact, it is. But this is difficult because when you communicate with other people, you unwittingly begin to compare yourself with others - to compare success, appearance, car, home, partner, children. It is necessary to depart from all this. We must stop standing in this line of vanity.

Self-love is not selfish

Doing what you want and being selfish are completely different things. Selfishness implies fixation on their problems in people with very low self-esteem. Here is the same substitution of the concept as with narcissists. People think that a narcissist is a person who is in love with themselves, while narcissists, on the contrary, have a complete lack of self-love and low self-esteem.sigma male personality

Loving oneself, a person accepts oneself as they are. They do anything neither at the expense of themselves nor against their will nor against anything at all. They do not suffer. If a problem arises, the person starts worrying. But if they do not want to do something, they do not do it. And they live the way they like to live. They perform some actions with a motivational component, "I do it because I like it and want it so." Their life is built on this.

Tell yourself, “I like everything. I like my appearance, my age, my face, and my character. And what I do, I also like." Not in the sense that I have achieved something, but in the sense that I do what suits me. And over time, this can turn into unconditional love.

Self-acceptance is a healthy feeling. Let's take two people: one of them is self-improving, goes to personal development courses, visits a fitness club, and goes to plastic surgeons, and the second one neither strains at all nor leaves the comfort zone. So, accepting yourself is much healthier than trying to work with yourself all the time. Love yourself for who you are.

Low self-esteem is rooted in relationships with parents and in psychological trauma

Some families have inadequate relationships between parents and children - cold, hysterical, or aggressive. If the parents live with low self-esteem, then they instill it in their children as well. Mental reactions are the same skill as, for example, the ability to count, walk, and speak. A child is born in an environment where everything repeats over and over again - everyday parents behave according to a certain scenario. Over time, their behavior becomes the mental reaction of the child. And it leaves a certain imprint on the children.

But there are also psychological traumas. A child may have a good family, healthy parents, but they end up with a staphylococcus in a hospital for a week and leave the place completely neurotic. They were separated from their parents, placed in other conditions, and they had fear, they lost their sense of security. This forms the psyche.

People who have problems with low self-esteem, dependence, self-sufficiency, need to change the psyche due to different behavior and different communication. And people have an opportunity to completely change their lives and start over again. That is a rather difficult, but absolutely real procedure. It is necessary to create new neural connections and their order, breaking their usual behavior. Using rules, when there is a clear plan of action, it is much easier to change.

6 Rules That Change the Psyche and Make You Happy

  1. Do only what you want
  2. Do not do what you do not want to do
  3. Immediately talk about what you don't like
  4. Do not answer when not asked
  5. Answer only the question
  6. Clarifying relationships, talk only about yourself

These rules can be applied in everyday situations (for example, choosing what to eat for breakfast or which way to go to work), and making the most important decisions in life (whether to get engaged, change jobs, etc.). Try to follow my rules for at least a month, and changes will definitely happen in your psyche and life.

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